4 Delicious Indian Kababs You Must Try

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Every meat lover craves unique recipes made with meat, and Indian cuisine offers many of them. Indian kababs are famous for their smoky flavors and rich texture. For many years, kababs have been relished and sought after worldwide. Let’s take a look at different types of Indian kababs you must try and find more about them in detail!

You must be familiar with sizzling garam masala-infused Indian appetizers made during barbeques. The delicious taste of these roasted dishes is so on point that your mouth instantly starts salivating!

Indian kababs are one of the most popular grills around the world.

It is said that Kababs were founded in Turkey, where soldiers cooked chunks of raw meat on swords on the battlefield. Well, if they did, they gifted this world a bunch of meat surprises!

Mainly, kababs are made with minced meat and plenty of mild spices. Most famous Indian kababs, like Galouti, Shami, and Kakori, were invented in Royal kitchens.

Today, kababs are great crowd-pleasers during your holiday get-togethers. Almost every Indian party seems incomplete without different types of kababs. The smoky aroma and melt-in-mouth flavors instantly bring your inner foodie out!

So, here is Bombay Kitchen’s list of the top four kababs. Make sure you read this article, head to our outlet, and bring home our ‘heat-n-eat’ packs. We are sure these kababs will make you drool with their overpowering aroma and flavor.

Chicken Seekh Kababs are made with ground meat, infused with various spices and aromatics, and then covered around a skewer in a log shape. These kababs get their signature smoky flavor due to the traditional method of grilling over a coal fire. At Bombay Kitchen, we have heat and eat packs ready for your holiday night parties. Bring our chicken seekh kababs home, roast them as you prefer, and enjoy the delicious taste of savory chicken!

2. Chicken Shami Kabab

Bombay Kitchen takes pride in bringing Hyderabad’s authentic taste through another famous kabab variety, Chicken Shami Kababs. Chicken Shami Kabab is a typical dish in restaurants in India but is widely enjoyed in Punjab as well. We bring you these kababs made with original Indian recipes in the USA. The Shami Kebab is a small patty made with minced chicken mixed with chickpea flour which holds the meat together. The delicious kababs are best enjoyed with any sauce or chutney, salad, and a dash of lemon on top. Add these delicious appetizers to your meals during cozy holiday nights.

Chicken Chapli Kabab is a popular patty-shaped kabab that is said to have been derived from Pakistan and Afghanistan. These kababs, along with a patty, are also prepared in various shapes and forms. Traditionally, chapli kabab is a delicious pan-fried kabab, and today, you get an easy pack of these kababs ready to enjoy at home! Often seasoned with authentic Indian spices and then grilled on a fire, Bombay Kitchen’s Chicken Chapli Kababs are an ideal appetizer for your get-togethers and parties during holidays.

4. Lamb Seekh Kabab

Lamb Seekh Kabab is a juicy appetizer that rolls back to royal Mughal times. Tender lamb meat is minced and mixed with a host of spices, then put carefully on a skewer. These kababs are ready to melt in your mouth when grilled on a coal or wood fire. This succulent Indian kabab is crunchy outside and juicy inside. At Bombay Kitchen, we prepare it with authentic Indian aromatic spices, skewer, grill it to perfection, and present it to you in ready-to-heat packs! Filled with tender lamb and aromatic spices, this incredible kabab will become your favorite at the first bite. You can add these kebabs to your winter dinner parties. Serve it to your guests with green chutney, or wrap them in a naan for a perfect meal.

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Since the kababs mentioned above are the best-sellers, make sure you buy your packs in lots for your parties during holidays to avoid the last-minute rush.

This Holiday Season, let your guests enjoy the best taste of India with Bombay Kitchen, and make your celebrations memorable forever!