5 Amazing Chicken Delicacies for Thanksgiving 2022

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Did you know you can easily replace turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner with many other chicken and lamb dishes? For wholesome meals, Bombay Kitchen brings you a variety of chicken and curry dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner menu. Let’s explore some exotic and authentic Indian traditional dishes and gear up for Thanksgiving 2022.

Thanksgiving 2022 is on Thursday, November 24, and is a perfect time for us to express appreciation for the harvest and spend quality time with loved ones.

Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy food with blessings from the previous year. The main attraction of this celebration is the Thanksgiving dinner, where families come together and enjoy a grand family feast.

What are some fun facts about Thanksgiving Day?

  • During Thanksgiving dinner time, the turkey is broken with a wish, and whoever gets the larger piece is granted the wish. 
  • Every year the president of the United States forgives one turkey, and that turkey is not cooked and eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. In 1947, President Truman started this tradition.
  • Another tradition in Thanksgiving celebrations is watching Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, which started in 1924. The parade was held virtually in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although turkey is a traditional food item for Thanksgiving dinner, you can change the trend this year.

Since there are no set rules for having only the turkey as a main dish on the Thanksgiving dinner table, you can choose to serve Thanksgiving chicken and lamb dishes. Everyone loves chicken and lamb dishes when it’s festival time, and you can celebrate this Thanksgiving with Bombay Kitchen, where we bring you classic Indian chicken and lamb dishes.

Let’s explore some dishes from Bombay Kitchen for the best Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Achari Chicken is a tangy and spicy dish popularly consumed in North India. Made with a blend of spices, achari chicken is a fusion of flavors and could be a great attraction to your feast. The name suggests it has a classic Indian pickle flavor to the chicken, and we are sure your guests would lick the plate clean and keep asking for more.

2. Black Pepper Chicken

You and the guests are in for a treat with black pepper chicken from Bombay Kitchen! It’s a delicious and lip-smacking dish you can have for your Thanksgiving dinner this year. The dish is saucy, sticky, crispy, and sweet, perfect for a wholesome Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Chicken Chapli Kabab

Chapli Kabab is a famous minced chicken kabab variety prepared with a Pashtun method and looks like a patty in a burger. At Bombay Kitchen, we offer a tasty Chapli Kabab made with halal chicken flavored with a few oriental spices.

4. Chicken Haleem

Chicken Haleem belongs to Hyderabad, a city in Southern India, and is popularly consumed during the festival of Ramadan. It is made with chicken mixed with lentils and spices, slow-cooked to a thick soup. Lose yourself in the flavors of this Hyderabadi dish this Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Chicken Curry with Cumin Infused Pilaf

This traditionally-seasoned chicken dish is filled with a rich, zesty gravy and can be best enjoyed with cumin-inspired basmati rice or naan. Bombay Kitchen’s Chicken Tikka Masala with Ginger Garlic Pilaf is a chicken & gravy-based dish that turns into a melt-in-your-mouth delight. We have used a variety of spices while preparing this dish so that you can enjoy the authentic Indian taste this Thanksgiving dinner. Let your guests enjoy this marriage made in culinary heaven from Bombay Kitchen.

Some other dishes you can enjoy from Bombay Kitchen this Thanksgiving dinner are:

Here’s a list of frozen foods you should stock before you arrange a Thanksgiving party at home.

Plan your Thanksgiving with Bombay Kitchen

You are in the right company when you bring the dishes mentioned here from any of our Bombay Kitchen outlets or a grocery store near you. For Thanksgiving 2022, we are offering the complete solution to your favorite holiday meals! Easily replace turkey meals with our chicken dishes. 

Head over to our outlets and explore our collection of authentic Indian meat dishes made with halal meat.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bombay Kitchen family to yours!