5 Excellent Reasons to Enjoy Indian Cuisine

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Even though it’s a fact that Indian cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines you will ever try, you need more and more reasons to eat it! The world has a misconception that Indian cuisine is ‘spicy’, but the truth is that Indian cuisine is rich in every kind of flavor there is. Due to the versatile flavors and excellent taste, Indian cuisine is loved by millions, and here are some reasons you must include it in your regular diet.

You are not the only one who loves to visit the Indian restaurant around the corner. Indian cuisine is popular in all parts of the world since we live in a global village. The world has happily accepted the spicy blends of Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine is more than just amazing ingredients and extraordinary spices. With this article, we bring you 5 reasons why Indian food is gaining popularity worldwide, and you must add it to your diet often.

A unique blend of flavors

Indian cuisine is made with a unique blend of spices, making it flavorful. That’s why the taste of Indian cuisine tempts most people. Turmeric, cardamom, coriander, cloves, curry leaves, red and black pepper are common spices in most Indian food. These spices are usually used in the right quantities to give that perfect blend of flavors and excellent taste.

Represents the cultural beauty of India

India is full of diversity. The various rulers in India bring a variety of cuisine. For instance, Shahajanabad’s formation brought Nihari, a dish in Old Delhi in India. This dish is prepared in a big silver utensil, takes the entire night, and is famous for providing sound sleep to people. Some such dishes have traveled across the world and are now popularly enjoyed by everyone!

Street food is as popular as any other cuisine

Indian cuisine in every state is also different. The signature dish in every state represents the diverse culinary culture of India. For example, Rajasthan, the state of dunes, is known for Dal Baati. Some dishes in India are popularly known as street foods. Chat items, pulav and pau bhaji for Mumbai, and chole bhature for Delhi are some of its popular examples.

Many dishes have medicinal properties

Ayurveda originated in India, and is famous worldwide. It suggests many ingredients and methods of nature with healing abilities. Ayurveda believes that water and food are the biggest healers of the body. Hence, we can find the most traditional Indian food with such lines. Certain types of herbs and spices, vegetables, or sweeteners are actually mentioned in Ayurveda. For example, ginger is helpful during the sore throat and increases immunity, and the popular sweetener jaggery brings warmth to the body, etc. Including such ingredients in your recipes can give you multiple health benefits.

The Indian food theory

The last and most interesting reason you will love Indian cuisine – The great Indian food theory. Indian food represents 6 different flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent, and spicy. An Indian meal has a fair balance of all these flavors, and this theory makes Indian food so tasty.

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