5 Tasty Winter Snacks to Have with your Tea and Coffee

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It’s that time of the year when there’s a chill in the air, and all you want to do is curl up in your bed and sip on some coffee or tea with a bowl of crunchy snacks. How about choosing Indian namkeens as winter snacks this year? Read this article to learn about 5 flavorful namkeens you can enjoy this winter.

Indian tea time snacks are just irresistible! You cannot stop munching once you start with one bowl. ‘They are addictive’ is an understatement! But we all like this kind of addiction, don’t we?

Bombay Kitchen brings you the best tea time snacks with authentic Indian taste!

We bet you will be ready to shop these namkeens even before you can complete this article. When you do crave them, make sure you visit the Bombay Kitchen outlet.

Bombay Kitchen, started by a passionate Indian foodie couple about four decades ago, is now a go-to destination for thousands of Americans to shop for pure and tasty Indian food. One of our hot-selling ranges is our desi snacks! Our unique variety of Indian snacks is made with authentic ingredients, original spices, and recipes. 

Now, let’s explore a list of Indian snacks and choose your favorite Indian winter snacks below!

1. Cashew Snacks

Who doesn’t like this rich and textured nut? Cashew nuts, the versatile variety of nut, is versatile and packed with nutrients. They are well-known for their warming properties, which make them our first choice in this article. 

Bombay Kitchen offers two types of Cashew nut snacks – Black Pepper Cashews and Spicy Cashews. They are the perfect partner for your steamy coffee or tea on a chilly winter evening. Our Cashew snacks are well-roasted and coated with authentic Indian spices to give you the real flavor of Indian winter spicy snacks. 

Keep them for yourself, or offer them to your guests with hot cups of tea or coffee; either way, they will be over even before you realize it. 

2. Chana Dal

Are you looking for crunchy, crispy, tasty, yet guilt-free munching options? Well, our Chana Dal snack is just made for you! The delicious Chana Dal is filled with energy, proteins, and nutrients you need during winter. It is good for your health and will also be loved by your taste buds.
You don’t need more reasons to indulge in this snack. Additionally, Chana Dal is a popular garnish snack too. Try it with your Raitas, Chaats, and more.

3. Masala Chickpeas

Bombay Kitchen’s Masala Chickpeas are prepared to perfection with moderate oil quantity, a melange of spices, tangy flavors, and healthy chickpeas. Enjoy ‘peas’ of mind with this crunchy munchy. 

You can enjoy it with your chai time gossip sessions, your long drives, or while you binge-watch your favorite show.`

4. Punjabi Hot Mix

All the delicious gems of the snack world come together to make this lip-smacking namkeen. Punjabi Hot Mix from Bombay Kitchen literally brings the best of all worlds in one packet. It is a combination of different grains, puffed rice, flattened rice, dry fruits, and desi flavors. 

Warm your dull winter evenings with this tadakta bhadakta namkeen! 

This world-famous variety of Sev may be last on our list, but it’s definitely not the least special. This spicy Indian snack is made with gram flour, clove, ajwain, pepper, and red chili.

A spoonful of Ratlami Sev will tingle your tongue and make you want to indulge in it more. Not just as a winter snack, but this is a delight to be had during any time of the year. 

But, did you know that as much as you enjoy it during your tea time, you can also enjoy it with your meals. How? This versatile Sev is used as an ingredient in some vegetarian preparations like Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak. 

You should give it a try!

The list is not yet over…

You will be surprised to see the list of namkeen snacks we offer at Bombay Kitchen once you visit our outlet. All our snacks are flavorful and addictive so make sure you stock up on enough namkeen packets before you leave our outlet. 

We wish you a delightful Holiday Season filled with warm moments and cherished memories with your loved ones!