A Curry for Every Occasion: From Casual Dinners to Special Celebrations!

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Indian food never fails to impress us, and when you serve desi delights on any and every occasion ranging from casual dinners to special celebrations, happiness knows no bounds. People savor these dishes wholeheartedly and enjoy every bite of them. So in this blog, we bring you some of the most amazing and mouthwatering Indian curries and combos we at Bombay Kitchen offer you.

There is something extraordinary about Indian cuisine. The wide variety of dishes and their flavorful aromas and essence spoil us for choice every time we think of hosting a feast or a dinner party full of authentic, delicious, and flavorful desi delights. Indian food is such that whenever you include these delicacies in the menu of special celebrations or a simple, casual family dinner, these dishes take the experience to a whole new level.      

The flavors of Indian dishes come from the use of authentic spices, and these spices are what make Indian curries perfect. Curries are the way to go if you are willing to serve wholesome dishes to your guests during special celebrations or to your family. They are as wholesome, heartwarming, and flavorful as you expect. 

Read this blog to know about some of the amazing Indian curries we at Bombay Kitchen offer you, and if you are hosting an Indian dinner party, serve these delights to your guests and make them happy. 

We bring you tropical flavors through the delicious and mouthwatering Goan Shrimp Curry. The well-marinated prawns bear the authentic flavors of spices, and they are sauteed in a spice-based, flavorful gravy with coconut. This delicacy is a lip-smacking delight and introduces you to fresh tropical flavors. So you can serve this dish for dinner along with rice, and it will be a wholesome meal for your guests.

Are you fond of delectable Lamb dishes? Well, your search ends here, then! Bombay Kitchen brings you the delightful Coconut Lamb Curry, and this dish will surely enthrall your taste buds with its aromatic flavors and mouthwatering taste. The tender Lamb meat seasoned with authentic and flavorful spices simmered in a coconut-based creamy gravy is all that this dish is about. But the first spoonful of this heartwarming delicacy makes you instantly fall in love with it. So this dish is the perfect Indian gravy that you can serve along with some rice, chapati, or naans as per your choice.

If you want something that constitutes a wholesome meal by itself, let us introduce you to our special combo comprising the taste and flavors of Shrimp Curry and Mustard Seed Infused Pilaf. The pan-fried mustard seeds add intense flavors to the basmati rice giving us this flavorful Pilaf. The mouthwatering Shrimp Curry comprises delectable prawns marinated in spices and simmered in a coconut-based rich gravy. This combo is a fulfilling meal, and it will be a sheer delight if you serve it for any special celebrations. Watch as your guests savor this combo with unmatched happiness.

We bring you another combo meal that consists of the traditional Indian gravy, Chicken Curry, along with the very flavorful and wholesome Cumin Infused Pilaf. The love for Chicken Curry is unparalleled, and Indians worldwide love to relish this delightful dish to their heart’s content. So we thought, why don’t we take it up a notch higher by offering this all-time loved traditional desi delight with a combination of the tasty Pilaf to make it a fulfilling meal? Here we are with this wonderful combo, and you should definitely try this out and make your family, friends, and loved ones experience the flavors and taste of this delicacy. 

The above-mentioned Indian curries and combos are just a few of the numerous other dishes we offer. You can rest assured and serve these dishes to your friends and loved ones during any special celebrations or just for a casual dinner party at home. We can ensure you that your guests will love these dishes, and we also offer these delights to you in ready-to-serve versions. Therefore, we save you the time of cooking, and you have to just get these dishes from a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet, heat them and enjoy the delights together.