Personalize your plate with Chicken delights from Bombay Kitchen!

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The most cost-effective and less time-consuming way to easily enjoy your favorite dishes is none other than frozen food. Frozen food can be stored for a longer period and they keep the authenticity of the taste intact. This blog brings you five entrees that Bombay Kitchen offers you in the form of frozen food and the reason why you should have them.   

Imagine a scenario where you are craving to eat some of your most favorite chicken dishes but feel too tired to go through the whole process of cooking. This is where frozen food products play a major role. Do you know why people often choose frozen foods over making food from scratch? Because it saves a lot of time, energy and effort. 

Other than being a time-consuming process itself, cooking also requires you to be organized enough with a lot of ingredients together. Most often, after the whole cooking process is over, one has to also clean up the residual mess off the slabs or stove burners. 

Imagine how easier the whole cooking process gets when you have a fully prepared pack of your favorite dish in its frozen form. You have to open the package, take out the quantity of your choice, and heat it. That’s all you have to do to enjoy a dinner full of your favorite meals in the form of frozen entrees.

Frozen food has various boons, but one of the most critical benefits of frozen food is its cost-effectiveness and less time and space consumption. The shelf life of frozen food is a vital aspect to learn about because they have a longer span of guaranteed freshness than other fresh food. Moreover, these are ready-to-eat meals packaged well, and you don’t even have to worry about wastage. Just take out as much as you need and store the rest back in the freezer. Frozen food is the perfect choice if you are fond of delicious meals but cannot get some time to cook them by yourself.

Read this blog to learn about some mouthwatering frozen Chicken dishes brought to you by Bombay Kitchen!

Often we look for some flavorful appetizers to start a sumptuous meal with. Chicken 65 is a delicious appetizer that originates from southern India. It is one such dish that works both as an appetizer and an entrée as per your wish. We have it in frozen form, and this one, too, you can just get a pack, heat its contents, and enjoy the delicious taste of boneless chicken made with some zesty and flavorful gravy!

Biryani is a dish that is loved by one and all without a doubt! But how exciting does it sound when we say that we add some delectable Chicken Kababs to the Biryani? If this makes you drool already, then hang on and read about this delicacy a bit more. 

Chicken Kabab Biryani is one of the tastiest dishes that you can have to fulfill your food cravings. Now what if we tell you that it is super easy to have this dish as you just have to buy it and heat it to enjoy the taste? Yes you read that right! Chicken Kabab Biryani comes in the range of our frozen entrees, and the whole time-consuming aspect of cooking biryani is reduced to minutes. 

This is indeed an irresistible combination and you will certainly love this dish!

3) Chicken Vindaloo

The authentic flavors of South India are delicious to say the least. It is a wonderful experience to savor dishes filled with the flavorful spices of the South. Chicken Vindaloo is one such amazing dish.

Potatoes work as terrific additions to some dishes and one such dish is definitely Chicken Vindaloo. The potatoes and meat are all marinated together with a variety of authentic spices and you get exposed to the heartwarming flavors. You will be lost for words right from the first bite and you must try this delicacy out.

Head to a nearby convenience store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and grab a pack of this incredibly mouthwatering dish. It comes as a frozen entrée too, and you can ignore encountering the process of cooking and just heat it. Serve it hot alongside some rice or Indian bread like chapati or naan. 

4) Chicken Tikka Masala with Ginger Garlic Pilaf

The super mix of rice and chicken is absolutely lip-smacking. But when both the chicken and rice come together with different flavors, the experience is nothing short of heavenly! Now, this is a combination that you cannot say no to. 

Bombay Kitchen brings you the very delicious Chicken TIkka Masala along with Ginger Garlic Pilaf, which is pure Basmati rice infused with ginger and garlic flavors. The chicken is seasoned well with authentic spices and herbs and sauteed well. So in one pack, you get the goodness of some excessively flavorful rice and delectable Chicken Tikka Masala.

If this dish excites you already, then you can get this from our frozen entrée product range and just heat it and enjoy the wonderful and authentic taste.

5) Chicken Keema

Another frozen entrée from our range of authentic Indian dishes is Chicken Keema. Enjoy the delectable minced chicken with green peas, and you can pair it up with your choice of Indian bread and enjoy this lip-smacking Indian delicacy with your friends and family.  

The five frozen entrees mentioned above are some of the various other options that you can try from the product range of Bombay Kitchen. These are some of the best frozen meals you can buy from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet or grocery store.