Best Place For Authentic Chicken and Lamb Vindaloo Dishes

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Vindaloo or vindalho is a popular Goan curry dish popular in Indian culture! It is commonly prepared with chicken, meat, vegetables, and many authentic Indian spices. If you are having guests over, you can easily serve them this mouthwatering meal. Filled with meat and spices, we are sure you will love Bombay Kitchen’s Chicken Vindaloo and Lamb Vindaloo. Keep reading to learn more about this lip-smacking Indian curry dish.

Chicken Vindaloo is the most popular heavily spiced curry dish. Not just chicken, we can find Vindaloo varieties prepared with vegetables, pork, tofu, and lamb. 

Chicken Vindaloo is usually prepared with boneless chicken, and lamb Vindaloo is a dish that needs seasoned lamb. 

If you are ready to enjoy some unique flavors of India, get ready to dive into the interesting information about Vindaloo.

Who invented the legendary Chicken Vindaloo?

The Portuguese brought the Vindaloo recipe to India. Goans enhanced it with its signature flavor and aroma. In Portugal, this dish is known as ‘Carne-de-Vinha D,’ a less spicy version of Vindaloo. Chicken and lamb Vindaloo in India have had a legendary journey and have developed with the local flavors of Goa, Konkan, Kerala, and other coastal parts of India.

What makes Vindaloo so amazing?

The ingredients!

More than its recipe, the ingredients used in Vindaloo give it the right balance of taste. Because when it’s made with the right ingredients, you get the perfect Vindaloo.

At Bombay Kitchen, we offer two varieties of Vindaloo:

  • Chicken Vindaloo
  • Lamb Vindaloo 

Both dishes are prepared with diced potatoes and zesty spiced gravy. 

Where can you find the best Vindaloo in the USA?

At Bombay Kitchen, we serve the most authentic Indian Vindaloo varieties made with chicken and lamb. Our Vindaloos are made with fresh ingredients, authentic spices, and original recipes. We bring you a variety of Indian meat dishes prepared in hygienic facilities.

When it comes to Chicken Vindaloo, we make it right! With skinless chicken and boneless chicken as the main ingredients, our chicken Vindaloo has red-maroonish color; it is slightly sweet with a hint of authentic Indian spicy curry and has layers of heat from – red dry, green chilies and black pepper.

You can serve your guests this Goan curry dish with naan, roti, or chapati and enjoy a wholesome meal with them. If you are arranging a house party, surprise your loved ones with this authentic Indian curry dish, as it is rare to find such an amazing and authentic Vindaloo variety here in the USA!

Mutton or Lamb Vindaloo is made with seasoned lamb in vinegar and authentic Indian spices. It may look like Kashmiri lamb rogan josh, but it tastes completely different. Our spices are soaked in vinegar, and the lamb pieces are marinated in this spiced gravy paste.

We are sure your mouth is already watering, and we know how difficult it can be to prepare them at home. How about we bring you a simpler way to enjoy Vindaloos at home?

Simply visit any Bombay Kitchen outlet and bring home our Chicken and Lamb Vindaloos, available in convenient ready-to-heat packs. Just heat, and enjoy with naan bread, Basmati rice, chapatis, or biryani.

Serve our Chicken and Lamb Vindaloo as side dishes or with steamed rice to enjoy the perfect Goan-style weekend meal.

Explore more of our tasty Indian meat dishes at or visit any nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet or grocery store to buy your packs.