Serve a Platter Full of Kababs to Enjoy a Flavorful Christmas Feast

Kabab Platter on Christmas Feast

Fill your Christmas party with the sizzling aroma of lip-smacking Kababs and enjoy a flavorful feast with your loved ones. Read this blog, where we bring you Bombay Kitchen’s delicious Kababs that will make Christmas special and a memorable festival for you and your loved ones this year! The Holiday season marks the arrival of […]

Paneer Delicacies That Add The Goodness Of Flavors To Your Celebrations!

Paneer Delicacies

When you are throwing a party or celebrating a festival with loved ones, there must be some people who are vegetarians. So, in this blog, we will tell you about Bombay Kitchen’s finest Paneer dishes that uphold the heritage of Indian cuisine with their authentic taste and flavors that woo us every time we try […]

Step Into The New Year With Amazing Indian Chicken Delights

Indian Chicken Delights

As we bid farewell to 2023, let us welcome the New Year with some mouthwatering Indian delicacies to enjoy with loved ones. In this blog, we bring you some of Bombay Kitchen’s finest non-vegetarian Indian dishes that will surely make the celebration a happy new beginning for you! The arrival of the New Year calls […]

Savor the Flavors of Delicious Shrimp Dishes from Bombay Kitchen

Delicious Shrimp Dishes

Bombay Kitchen, the renowned desi food brand, brings you authentic Indian delicacies packed with the culinary traditions of the desi kitchen. Our mouthwatering Shrimp dishes make everyone go wow right from the first bite. In this blog, we bring you two of our Shrimp delights you can get in ready-to-serve packs. Read this blog to […]

The Story of Lamb Roganjosh – Origin and Facts

Lamb Roganjosh

If you’re a connoisseur of rich, aromatic, and savory Indian lamb dishes, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the tantalizing flavors of Lamb Roganjosh. This iconic dish, hailing from the beautiful region of Kashmir in northern India, has won hearts and palates worldwide. In this blog, we’ll explore the fascinating origin and intriguing facts surrounding Lamb Roganjosh. Origin […]

Serve the Best Indian Dishes this Diwali from Bombay Kitchen

Indian Dishes for Diwali

The auspicious festival of Diwali is approaching, and everyone is getting ready to indulge in the revelry. But amidst all the fun and frolic, delicious food takes center stage in Diwali celebrations. So, in this blog, we bring you some authentic Indian dishes to try from our product range during this beautiful festival. The vibrant […]

Lip-smacking Paneer dishes to Treat your Guests!

Paneer Dishes

When it comes to throwing a party for your loved ones and serving them some vegetarian delicacies, Paneer dishes are always a top favorite, and a range of mouthwatering Paneer dishes never fails to make people happy. So, in this blog, we bring you some of our famous delicacies prepared with Paneer. The Indian festive […]

Serve Ready-To-Eat Desi Appetizers for your Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Halloween is a day of fun and party. It is a day for families to come together and trick and treat door to door for sweets and wishes. It is all about food, spooky pumpkins, and costumes. As we know, any festival is a lot of fun when you have more time with family and […]

Treat your guests with ready-to-eat vegetarian Samosas from Bombay Kitchen


Samosa has been a significant part of Indian culinary traditions for ages, and it is a must-include dish on the menu of almost every occasion during the festive season. Bombay Kitchen brings you some traditional, ready-to-eat vegetarian Samosas with several exciting twists of flavors. Read this blog to know about them, choose your favorites, and […]

Navratri Snacks to Energize Garba Nights

Navratri Snacks

Navratri is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals. Though this festival is known for its vibrance and limitless revelry, delicious food takes center stage during this time. In this blog, we bring some lip-smacking Navratri snacks from Bombay Kitchen’s product range. You and your guests will surely enjoy these namkeens during the celebrations! The […]