Bombay Kitchen Presents the Best Seafood Dishes

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India offers a variety of veg and non-veg preparations. Seafood has significant importance in Indian culture, and some of the best seafood dishes in India are made with extraordinary flavors, ingredients, and textures that make Indian seafood dishes the best in the world. This article brings you a few best seafood dishes offered at Bombay Kitchen.

Seafood is both tasty and nutritious. Extraordinary recipes and all-natural spices make Indian seafood even more irresistible. These flavors will make you want to explore more varieties from India. Indian seafood is an ideal option for gluten-free food enthusiasts.

At Bombay Kitchen, we prepare all our products with the highest quality ingredients. With more than 40 years of experience, all our dishes are made fresh and frozen for your convenience. Just pick your packs from our outlets, heat them at home and enjoy! 

Let’s meet some of the best seafood in the USA.

Goan Shrimp Curry or Prawn Curry is a rich seafood curry filled with the goodness of coconut. This dish belongs to Goa, and Goan Shrimp Curry from Bombay Kitchen is the perfect satisfying meal for you. It will surely comfort you and give you an authentic experience. You can relish it with rice for the perfect meal. 

Shrimp curry with mustard seed-infused pilaf is a hot favorite among seafood lovers here in the USA. If you are a seafood enthusiast trying to find Indian curries that go well with rice, this one is the right choice. We prepare this simple recipe at Bombay Kitchen using mustard seeds and other authentic Indian spices. The pilaf complements the curry perfectly and is an excellent meal for seafood lovers. 

Shrimp Biryani, also known as prawn biryani, is a famous rice variety from Hyderabad in India. However, it is not just popular in this area but is widely prepared and enjoyed worldwide. Shrimp Biryani at Bombay Kitchen is a special meal for you, as we prepare it with exotic spices and fresh shrimp and frozen for your convenience. Just bring it home, heat it, and enjoy! 

At Bombay Kitchen, you get a chance to enjoy some of such delicious Indian seafood dishes.

With more than 40 years in the food business, we have identified exactly what seafood lovers like you demand. With thorough research, we have developed our outlets where you can step in, pick your favorite Indian dishes, heat them at home and enjoy them with your loved ones. It’s that simple!

The seafood varieties mentioned in this article are available at all Bombay Kitchen outlets. So, come, and enjoy the authentic flavors of India with us!