Facts and Features of the Palak Murgh, A Tantalizing Desi Delicacy

Palak Murgh

The delectable flavors and taste of Palak Murgh make it an irresistibly mouthwatering dish, and once you try it out, you will instantly crave more. However, besides its flavorful deliciousness, there are several little things that one should know about this dish. So, in this blog, we bring you some little facts about this wholesome […]

Six Delicious Indian Dishes From Bombay Kitchen’s Catering

Indian dishes

Bombay Kitchen’s catering services are highly reputed and known for casting the spell of Desi culinary heritage by serving a vast spread of Indian cuisine dishes at parties and events. Read this blog, where we tell you more about our exceptional services and a few special dishes from the catering menu that you can choose […]

Five Indian Snacks To Elevate Your Chit-Chat Sessions

Indian Snacks

The unparalleled joy of sharing authentic Indian snacks with your loved ones is something you cherish for a long time. For all you snack lovers, Bombay Kitchen offers a wide range of tasty snacks that will enhance and spice up your gatherings, leaving your taste buds satisfied. Read this blog to know about these snacks! […]

Make your Midday Break Flavorful with these Five Indian Snacks

Indian Snacks

Indian snacks are not just a mere preference for tidbits but also emotionally attached to desi people all across the world. These crunchy, spicy, lip-smacking namkeens are the best companions almost constantly during the day. Read this blog, where we bring you five delicious snacks at Bombay Kitchen. Indian cuisine never fails to enthrall us […]

Spice up your House Parties with these Indian Non-Veg Appetizers

Indian Non-Veg Appetizers

When you throw a house party, besides the fun and frolic of the gathering, something that brings more joy into it is food. A platter of mouthwatering appetizers keeps the party going as they fill your guests with delight. Read this blog, where we bring four tantalizing Indian non-veg appetizers from Bombay Kitchen’s product range […]

Five Ready-to-Eat Dishes to Brighten Your Holi Celebrations

Ready-to-Eat Dishes on Holi

Holi is almost approaching, and it is time to get ready to celebrate this day to the fullest. Alongside the splash of colors and good vibes, delicious food is also a significant part of Holi. Read this blog, where we bring you five mouthwatering ready-to-eat dishes from Bombay Kithen’s product range that will surely make […]

Chicken Keema – Cooked to Perfection, Packed with Spices

Chicken Keema

The mouthwatering flavors of Chicken Keema tantalize your taste buds and leave your soul mesmerized. But as much as you love this lip-smacking delicacy, do you know about its origin and several other facts? So, in this blog, we bring you some of the lesser-known facts about this dish. Read on to know more. When […]

Korma Chronicles: A Tale of Two Tantalizing Delights

Korma Delights

Korma has been a significant part of the Indian culinary heritage for centuries due to its cooking technique, taste, and flavors that woo us even today. In this blog, we bring you some lesser-known facts about this delicacy and two of Bombay Kitchen’s special dishes, Chicken Korma and Lamb Korma. Read on to know more! […]

Take a Veggie Voyage with our Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian Dishes

When you relish the taste of authentic Indian food, all you experience is immense happiness, and your cravings are instantly satisfied. It is the aroma of those exotic spices and the flavors of Indian culinary traditions that woo us within seconds. In this blog, we bring you some of the most delicious vegetarian dishes from […]

Beyond the Crispy Triangles: Exploring the different types of Samosas


Indians all across the world connect with samosa emotionally. The crunchy triangular pastry filled with veggies or meat comes in different varieties and has significance in global culinary history. Read this blog, where we tell you a bit about the origin of this tasty snack and the different types of samosas that Bombay Kitchen offers. […]