Celebrate World Coconut Day with mouthwatering dishes

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Are you fond of curries that are delicious yet creamier in taste and texture? Well, then you must be aware that the creaminess of curries comes from Coconut or its extracts, such as coconut milk. So on World Coconut Day, try out some delicious dishes made with Coconut. Read this blog to know about them.

Coconut, as we all know, is a tropical fruit that we get out of the Coconut palm trees. These trees grow significantly in a frost-free climate. They are abundantly found in and around Southeast Asian countries. But do you know where and how it all started? Well, keep scrolling to learn the facts about this fruit.

History of Coconut

The initial cultivation of Coconut was first recorded around the Pacific, on islands of Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. On the Indian Ocean side, the cultivations spanned the southern parts of India and around Srilanka, Laccadives, and Maldives, respectively.

One must note that the water-bearing coconuts are believed to have originated in the Pacific region, while the fibrous ones hail from India, Srilanka, and Laccadives. The benefits of Coconut are more than one, and we will introduce you to them as you read the blog.

Significance and Benefits of Coconut

The parts of the Coconut tree are used in various ways. The milk we extract from ripe coconuts is used to make multiple exotic delicacies of non-vegetarian cuisine. When flaked or shredded, coconut meat works wonders when used in baked goods or candies. The dried version of Coconut meat is Copra, comprising about 60% oil. This oil, extracted from dry Coconut, benefits us in various ways and is used to make soaps, margarine, cooking fat, and other products. 

Using Coconut amps up the flavors and taste of any and every delicious dish you cook with it. Be it some yummy appetizers or heartwarming entrees, the use of Coconut is sure to give the dishes that tropical essence you will enjoy to the core.

So on account of World Coconut Day on the 2nd of September, enjoy some mouthwatering dishes from Bombay Kitchen, which bear the taste and flavors of this highly beneficial fruit. Read this blog to learn about these delicacies. 

When you think of seafood, Prawns are the primary choice in mind. We at Bombay Kitchen bring you the delicious Shrimp Curry from our range of authentic Indian delicacies. Enjoy shrimp simmered in the mouthwatering flavors of coconut gravy. You can pair it with rice or chapatis.

World Coconut Day celebrations get even better with dishes that come with heartwarming tropical flavors. We want you to enjoy the day with some delicious delights; thus, we are here with the absolutely lip-smacking Goan Shrimp Curry. But are you confused about how it differs from the regular Shrimp Curry you savor?

Well, Goan Shrimp Curry comprises the undeniable tropical essence born from using coconuts. But, this coconut gravy is a spicy one and the marinated prawns are sauteed well on it. So you get the flavorful goodness of various ingredients and enjoy a dry and spicy version of the regular Shrimp Curry.

Once satisfied with the seafood delicacies, you can shift to some meaty delights with our Coconut Lamb Curry. First of all, this dish’s mouthwatering taste comes from the very well marinated and seasoned Lamb meat. On top of that, the meat is simmered well in a coconut-based gravy, bringing in the flavorful southern essence with every bite you take. This dish is probably the best and the tastiest delicacy you can enjoy with friends and loved ones on World Coconut Day.  

The dishes listed above are the perfect ones to celebrate the occasion of World Coconut Day! Moroever, these delicacies come in the form of frozen food so you don’t even have to go through the hassle of cooking them. So all you have to do is just buy them from a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and heat them. These delicacies will be ready to be served in minutes.