Chicken Keema

Chicken Keema – Cooked to Perfection, Packed with Spices

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The mouthwatering flavors of Chicken Keema tantalize your taste buds and leave your soul mesmerized. But as much as you love this lip-smacking delicacy, do you know about its origin and several other facts? So, in this blog, we bring you some of the lesser-known facts about this dish. Read on to know more. 

When you think of enjoying or treating your loved ones to a wholesome, fulfilling, and highly delicious dish, Chicken Keema is the delicacy you must choose. All you need is to pair this mouthwatering delight with some flavorful Naans or Parathas while serving dishes, and you are all set to relish a soul-satisfying meal either all by yourself or with your family and loved ones. But before we go into the preparation and great taste of this dish, let us address the primary question.

What is the origin of Keema?

The name Keema has been derived from an ancient Turkish term, ‘Kiyma,’ meaning ground or finely minced meat. Tracing its origins to Persia, the Mughals introduced Keema to India during their reign. It is believed that the earliest mention of Keema happens to be present as a recipe in several writings about Akbar, the Mughal Emperor. Keema is among the numerous other delicious dishes that the Mughal reign contributed to Indian culinary traditions and heritage. 

Now that you know a little something about the inception of Keema, let us talk a bit about what goes into the preparation and the secret behind the great flavors of Chicken Keema!

A wide range of flavorful, authentic desi aromatic spices goes into making Chicken Keema or, rather, the special Keema masala. These assorted spices include Garam Masala, Cinnamon, Cloves, etc., which work as a seasoning mix for the masala, and the minced chicken is marinated with spices such as Chilli Powder, Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric, etc. Once done, the seasoned, minced Chicken is sauteed to perfection, allowing the lip-smacking flavors to blend perfectly. Finally, you can serve the Chicken Keema piping hot with your choice of Indian bread. 

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