Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken Vindaloo – The Journey from Past to Present!

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When we think of tropical delicacies, ‘Vindaloo,’ a famous dish, is the first to cross our minds. In this blog, we will share some lesser-known facts about this delicious dish and tell you about our mouthwatering Chicken Vindaloo.  


India is known for its diverse features arising from several cultural exchanges with different countries worldwide. Out of these numerous features, food adds richness to India’s cultural significance. These exchanges with complex cultures from around the world have positively impacted India’s culinary heritage. This cultural fusion has brought various spices to India and several exotic dishes that we enjoy wholeheartedly in the present day. One such dish is the very delicious Chicken Vindaloo. But before we get to this specific dish, let us first address the most important question.

What is Vindaloo?

Vindaloo is a delicacy derived from the classic, traditional Portuguese dish called ‘carne de vinha d’alhos,’ which means ‘meat cooked in a garlic marinade or sauce.’ So, we can be sure that Vindaloo traces its origin to the beautiful country of Portugal. Initially, Vindaloo was prepared with pork or beef with vinegar and garlic. However, over a span of years and historical events, the dish underwent a massive change in preparation. To be more specific, this change came about when Vindaloo found its way to India. Want to know how? 

Here’s how Vindaloo made its way to Indian cuisine that we enjoy in the USA! 

When we talk about Vindaloo, people often think of Goa, a state on India’s southwestern coast. Do you know why? It is because most people think of Goa as the place where Vindaloo originated. But history has the real story wrapped in books.

It was during the 15th century that explorers from Portugal, a country 5500 miles to the west, entered India, and guess what? Goa was the place they came to! So, with the arrival of the Portuguese people, Vindaloo took short steps into India and gradually took a unique form with several different additions to its preparation.

What changed in the traditional Vindaloo upon its arrival in India?

In its initial days of origin, Vindaloo was a simple dish with a watery, stewy texture, prepared with pork or beef, vinegar, and garlic. But, when it reached India, Vindaloo underwent a complete transformation with the addition of several desi spices, chilies, etc. Moreover, the choice of meat has also expanded, and in the present day, people wholeheartedly enjoy Lamb or Chicken Vindaloo. This unique blend of flavors and spices gave Vindaloo a typical spicy and tangy taste, making it famous across the world as the most popular dish of Goan cuisine and a favorite Indian curry of many. 

Now that you are familiar with some of the lesser-known facts about Vindaloo let us tell you about Bombay Kitchen’s mouthwatering Chicken Vindaloo and the reason for its immense popularity among food lovers worldwide!

Bombay Kitchen, with its rapidly growing decades of food business, is the most renowned and highly reputed Indian food brand in the USA. The essential fact that sets Bombay Kitchen apart is that we serve 100% authentic Indian food and that too in a ready-to-serve version. Our promise remains intact, as the convenience of our heat-and-eat dishes does not compromise the authenticity of taste and flavors. So, you get to enjoy our dishes the exact way you wish to.  

Our product range comprises a wide variety of desi dishes, and within that range, we also offer you the very delicious Chicken Vindaloo. Our Chicken Vindaloo is prepared with marinated boneless Chicken and diced potatoes and served in a zesty spiced gravy that brings out the spicy and tangy flavor in every spoonful of this delicious meal. It is so tasty and fulfilling that you can easily select our Chicken Vindaloo as the perfect delicacy to serve your guests on special occasions like parties or gatherings, and they will love every bite of it. 

So, if this eye-opening set of Vindaloo’s lesser-known facts is stirring up your cravings for this dish, it is definitely time to try it out. Don’t worry, you don’t have to prepare it at home because, remember, we serve it to you in a ready-to-eat version. All you need to do is grab a pack of our heat-and-eat Chicken Vindaloo from your nearest Bombay Kitchen outlet or grocery store, heat it, and enjoy its flavors while it is piping hot. You can also receive it right at your doorstep with just a click on your phone by ordering it from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet via the apps Uber Eats, Door Dash, and GrubHub.