Samosas-Delectable and Innovative Dish

Delectable and Innovative Dishes that you can prepare with Bombay Kitchen’s Samosas!

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Step into a world of culinary delights as you mesmerize your taste buds with authentic Indian cuisine snacks such as Samosas. Amongst the wide variety of desi snacks, the humble Samosa reigns supreme as it proves to be the epitome of deliciousness and satisfaction. In this blog, we will tell you about some innovative dishes you can prepare with the simple, traditional samosas from Bombay Kitchen.

Indian cuisine offers delicious dishes and authentic desi snacks that elevate our feasts and gatherings. The flavors and textures of these delicacies are irresistible, and people enjoy them wholeheartedly. Amidst the plethora of dishes available, one particular snack that wins the hearts of all Indian food lovers across the world is Samosa.

Samosa is not just a snack. It’s an emotion!

Now, when we talk about Samosa, we must remember that it is not just a mere snack but an emotion for Indians. In almost every desi household worldwide, Samosa is the most commonly enjoyed tea-time snack, and it is not just restricted to tea-time as these crispy delights serve as the heart and soul of family or friends’ gathering sessions. During these times, a hearty serving of Samosas is all you need to enhance the overall experience because every bite fills your soul with joy, and you get mesmerized by the delectable samosa filling.

Even though it is a standalone snack, Samosa can go way beyond its traditional avatar. It helps you develop interesting snack ideas, allowing you to prepare some innovative dishes with a unique twist easily. Bombay Kitchen, the most trusted Indian food brand in the USA, offers various delicious types of Samosas. Still, because we are talking about some innovative dishes to prepare with this snack, the most versatile variants are the lip-smacking Potato and Cheese Samosa, Mexican Samosa, and Chinese Samosa. 

Read this blog, where we tell you about the different kinds of dishes you can prepare with Bombay Kitchen’s delicious Samosas! 

Samosa Sandwich

Sandwiches are considered one of the most common breakfast dishes, yet they are not limited to the same, as you can relish them both for a snack and breakfast. So, talking of sandwiches, imagine the heavenly experience you can enjoy as you grab a bite of the toasted buttery-layered bread topped with crushed, crispy samosas with a topping of spicy mint, tamarind, or coriander chutney. Devour its flavors as a quick breakfast dish, or relish the taste at your own pace for lunch. Samosa Sandwich is nothing short of comfort food when it comes to innovative dishes you can prepare with samosas.

Samosa Chat

Samosa Chat is the perfect snack that elevates a gathering of friends with its delicious taste and flavors. It is primarily an easy and quick-to-prepare dish you can make using leftover samosas. All you have to do is break the samosas into bite-sized pieces and spread your favorite dip or anything like mint, coriander, or tamarind chutney. This much is enough to serve your friends a soul-satisfying plate of Samosa Chat. But, if you wish to take it a notch higher in terms of flavors, top the whole Samosa Chat with Dahi along with a sprinkle of Chat Masala, and we assure you that every bite will give a lip-smacking experience and leave your friends craving for more.

Chole Samosa

Get ready to enjoy a culinary match made in heaven as you enjoy the flavors of Chole Samosa. This delightful snack combines two traditional desi dishes into one as they blend in a perfect harmony of flavors. You will surely enjoy this dish to your heart’s content as every bite tells a tale of samosas stacked up with delectable fillings and cooked in a delicious and rich chickpea curry and served with a garnishing of coriander, onions, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Chole Samosa is the perfect example of a fusion or innovative dish comprising the ideal blend of two traditional desi delights.

Kadi Samosa

Treat your taste buds to a snack that finds its way to your heart and satisfies your soul instantly. Any guesses? Well, let us not give any more rise to your curiosity and tell you about the mouthwatering Kadi Samosa. It is a heavenly dish that doubles up your joy and experience as you enjoy the golden-brown, crispy fried Samosas mixed with a delicious yogurt-based gravy infused with traditional aromatic spices and garnished with intensely flavorful curry leaves. We assure you that every bite of this dish will take you on a ride through layers of mouthwatering flavors and a blend of taste and textures.

Chinese Samosa Bhel

The name suggests it all! Chinese Samosa Bhel is undoubtedly one of those snacks that will satisfy your Indo-Chinese food cravings. Bhel and Samosas have been an integral part of our childhood, and these two dishes never fail to fill our hearts with joy and satisfy our taste buds. This one is one of the easiest and most innovative dishes to prepare with Bombay Kitchen’s special Chinese Samosas, and all you have to do is crush these crispy triangles and mix them with onions, tomatoes, and instant noodles. That’s it! A soul-pleasing bowl of Chinese Samosa Bhel will get ready instantly, and you can devour the flavors of this innovative Indo-Chinese delight to your heart’s content.

Mexican Samosa Tacos

If you thought the innovative dishes comprising Samosa were only limited to traditional snack-time delights, here’s a surprise. Try preparing some tasty Mexican Samosa Tacos with our highly delicious and authentic Mexican Samosa. Serve this delicacy to your family and watch them devour the flavors and taste of this dish with a unique twist as they enjoy every bite of the mouthwatering Mexican Samosa Tacos.

The above-mentioned delicacies are among the most innovative dishes you can make with some of Bombay Kitchen’s lip-smacking Samosas. But if you are looking for even more variants of Samosas, we have several different types that you can choose from our product range. You can shop for these from a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet near you. If you don’t wish to go out and buy them, you can place your orders from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet through delivery apps like DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats. The delivery services of these apps will ensure these products reach your doorstep!