Delicious, flavorful, and simple chicken dishes to treat your women this International Women’s Day !

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On the beautiful occasion of International Women’s Day, it is a must to include some flavorful dishes to the menu of the celebrations. Keeping in mind the good old saying, ‘Food is the way to the heart,’ we bring you some of the most delicious Chicken dishes we at Bombay Kitchen offer you. Read this blog to know about these dishes.

International Women’s Day comes once a year, and it is a very special day because, on this particular occasion, we celebrate the very existence of womanhood, the talents, qualities, and numerous other factors that every woman in this world possesses.

We all have extraordinary women in our lives in various forms, such as our mothers, friends, sisters, wives, partners, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers. Therefore this day is of great significance, and we must make the most of this occasion to make them feel as special as they are by doing the things that make them the happiest.

Apart from the numerous ways of celebrating, one crucial part of any occasion is the food. Women’s Day is undoubtedly the kind of celebration where you want the food to be top-notch because when you serve some flavorful and delicious meals, happiness knows no bounds.

So in this blog, we bring you some of our special, most authentic, and lip-smacking Chicken Dishes that you can get from Bombay Kitchen in ready-to-eat versions and serve a wholesome Women’s Day special meal.

Samosas are one of the perfect appetizers for a celebration that has Indian food on the menu. These crunchy delicacies filled with delectable fillings of various ingredients are a treat to the taste buds. The absolutely lip-smacking Chicken Samosa from our range of appetizers and the heartwarming fillings of sauteed chicken and spices make it a delightful delicacy to enjoy. We offer it in a ready-to-eat version, and the taste is so authentic that you will lose yourself to its flavorful goodness.

The perfect dish that goes with flavorful Naans, or Chapatis, Chicken Keema is an all-time loved delicacy of Indian cuisine. The minced chicken, marinated with a wide variety of spices, is massively enjoyable, and you keep craving more right after the first try. This authentic desi delicacy will be a delight to the taste buds when you serve it on Women’s Day. So grab a pack of this dish today!

Chicken Haleem is a special delicacy with intense flavors and numerous benefits through its ingredients. This dish is cooked slowly with pulled chicken, wheat, barley, lentils, and traditional spices. A flavorful and wholesome stewy delicacy, Chicken Haleem can be enjoyed with rice or naans as per your choice. It is a nutritious as well as fulfilling dish. Cooking Chicken Haleem is a long process, but the good news is, you don’t have to go through that hassle as we bring it to you in a heat-and-eat version so that you can serve it hot in the Women’s Day celebration within minutes, and let the ladies enjoy it wholeheartedly.

If you are looking for a combo of two dishes that make one of the most delicious meals, our special Chicken Tikka Masala with Ginger Garlic Pilaf is where your search ends. The seasoned chicken simmered in a traditional sauce of flavorful spices makes the Chicken Tikka Masala a heavenly delight. The ginger-garlic-infused Basmati rice makes the Pilaf so delicious that these two dishes give your taste buds a heavenly twist of mouthwatering taste. It is one of the most heartwarming meals you can serve on Women’s Day.

The above-mentioned Chicken dishes are just a few of the wide range of products we bring you. You can visit a nearby grocery store, a Bombay Kitchen outlet, or any of the delicatessens to choose your favorites and grab the packs. What’s more? We bring you all of these delicacies in a heat-and-eat version so that your Women’s Day celebrations are not spent just cooking. So get these dishes today and plan a memorable Women’s Day celebration for the most elegant and remarkable women of your life. We have these products readily available, and to get them, you must head to a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet. Heat them, serve them hot, and enjoy a mouthwatering and memorable feast.