Delicious Halal-Certified meat dishes for the perfect Ramadan Feast!

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Fasting all day long and feasting throughout the night is what the month of Ramadan is all about. During this holy month, people enjoy a wide spread of mouthwatering meat delicacies. In this blog, we bring you some of the most authentic and Halal-certified meat dishes offered to you by Bombay Kitchen, which will surely make your Ramadan feast a hit!

The holy month of Ramadan is a period of involving oneself in spiritual activities. People observe daytime fasts to detoxify their bodies and purify their souls by resisting temptations. Fasting during the day is the traditional activity during this time, and what’s more appealing is the wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes that are served at the Ramadan feast during the time of Iftar in the evening.

Precisely, there are two meals that people indulge in during this month, Iftar and Suhoor. While Iftar is the most notable and special feast of Ramadan after the sun sets, it is the meal with which people break their fast. Suhoor is the meal that is usually had before sunrise in order to keep oneself full enough to go through the fast till the end of the day!  

Speaking of Ramadan feasts and non-vegetarian dishes, let us clarify something before we get into the various delicacies. All the meat dishes that Bombay Kitchen offers are 100% Halal-certified. So there is simply no need to worry, and one can enjoy these delights to the heart’s content. Now, let us address the most important question! 

What is Halal certification, and why is it so important?
To shed light on Halal certification, we must primarily understand and read on in acceptance of nature’s law of the food chain. Like animals are distinguished as carnivores or herbivores, humans are also characterized as non-vegetarians or vegetarians. So when we use the term non-veg, it instantly connects to meat dishes that we consume. But to consume meat, the respective animals are required to be slaughtered. Now, this is precisely where the role of Halal certification comes into play.

In the laws of Islam, animals who breathe their last under distressing conditions are considered ‘Haram,’ which means that the meat of such animals is a sin to consume. Thereby, ‘Halal’ is the term used to describe animal slaughtering but abiding by the laws under which the distressful conditions are avoided from taking place. This is why when meat products come with Halal certification, it denotes that those products contain meat obtained from the lawful slaughter process. 

In this blog, we bring you some of the finest, most delicious Halal-certified meat delicacies in ready-to-serve versions that will surely make your grand Ramadan feast a memorable celebration!

If you wish to start your Ramadan feast with some heart-melting, crunchy, delectably filled samosas, Lamb Samosa is the dish that will solve your purpose. Enjoy the crunchy exterior and lose yourself to a world of flavors as you let the heavenly fillings of well-seasoned spicy Lamb meat enthrall you.

A Ramamdan special dish loved by all and which makes everyone drool over its taste and aroma, Tandoori Lamb Chops is perhaps the most delicious non-veg food you must include in the menu of your Ramadan feast. A sliced tandoori rack of lamb marinated and seasoned well with special spices for Lamb dishes, Tandoori Lamb Chops is simply a treat to the taste buds, and one cannot help but keep asking for more and more of this delight.

If you think that Lamb Samosa is the only specialty we have of this traditional Indian snack, then let us introduce you to another variant of this delicious dish, Chicken Samosa. This delicacy also comprises some flavorful fillings of well-marinated minced chicken and is a treat to enjoy with tea, coffee, or, in fact, without anything. You can serve this delight with lip-smacking chutney, and your guests will love it.

The absolutely delicious Lamb Vindaloo is one of the most wholesome delicacies you can serve at a Ramadan feast. It is a fulfilling dish that tastes outstanding with rice, chapatis, or different kinds of naans. The delectably tender and flavorful Lamb meat seasoned with traditional Indian spices and the potato pieces makes the zesty gravy so tasty that wow is the only word that comes to mind when you take the first bite of this delicacy.

A healthy, flavorful, and mouthwatering dish, Chicken Haleem is what you may call a traditional dish that almost everyone enjoys during the holy month of Ramadan. It is also an essential delicacy that is included in the menu of a Ramadan feast. Tender, pulled chicken is cooked on low flame for a long time along with traditional spices, lentils, barley, and wheat, making it nutritious and beneficial for health and heavenly in terms of taste. Happiness knows no bounds when you serve this delight to your guests at the Iftar feast!

The delightful desi dishes mentioned above are some of the several other delicacies that Bombay Kitchen offers. As mentioned earlier, all these meat products come with Halal certification and are also brought to you in a ready-to-serve version. You can simply visit a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and get dishes you want to serve your guests at your grand Ramadan feast!