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Delicious Indian Dishes that Elevate your Iftar feasts!

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Iftar is one of the most special events during Ramadan as it is the much-awaited feast after the day-long fast. So, if you wish to host an Iftar feast with a spread of mouthwatering delicacies, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will tell you about Bombay Kitchen’s delicious Indian dishes that will elevate the Iftar meals for you and your guests!

The holy month of Ramadan is about devotion, offering prayers, serving the less fortunate in the community, and observing a fast from dawn to sunset. It is a time of prayer, reflection, and self-cleaning. Fasting throughout the day is a must during Ramadan, and there are two specific meals that people can indulge in. The meal consumed right before sunrise is known as ‘Suhoor,’ and in this meal, people usually have some heavy dishes to keep themselves full throughout the day. After the sun sets, the fast is broken with dates and water, after which the second meal is known as ‘Iftar.’ 

A traditional Ramadan special Iftar feast ideally involves a spread of mouthwatering delicacies that serve a heartwarming meal. Friends, family, and loved ones gather together and enjoy delicious Indian dishes for Iftar and conclude each day during this month. So, when it comes to Indian food, it is a hassle to cook these dishes all by yourself during the day, especially while you are observing Ramadan fasting. Therefore, we are here to save you from encountering that. We offer you a wide range of authentic Halal-certified non-vegetarian food in the form of ready-to-eat special delicacies. So all you have to do is stock up the ones you want and heat them before serving during Iftar.   

Scroll down to read about some of our delicious Indian dishes, which will surely make your Iftar feast unforgettable! 

One of the most iconic creamy desi delicacies, Butter Chicken, is an all-time favorite dish of every foodie. The intense flavors of this authentic dish are irresistible to the core, and once you serve it, your guests will lose themselves in a world of flavors and ask for more. The delectably tender boneless Chicken pieces mixed in the velvety texture of the gravy fill your soul with sheer culinary bliss. You can enjoy it with rotis or naans as per your choice.

Originating in the southern parts of India, Chicken Chettinad is an exceptional dish due to its unique flavors. The boneless chicken pieces are finely marinated with aromatic spices and served in a rich coconut and tomato-based gravy. Chicken Chettinad tastes amazing with rice, rotis, naans, and parathas, so you can pair it with any.

Even among a wide range of Indian dishes during Iftar, Chicken Chapli Kabab is the most loved appetizer. The delectable hand-stretched Chicken patty seasoned with flavorful, intensely aromatic spices and cooked to perfection is a dish that makes you go wow in every bite! If you are looking for some dish to kickstart a grand Iftar feast, Chicken Chapli Kabab is where your search ends. It is a wholesome, fulfilling, and highly satisfying appetizer. 

No Iftar feast is complete without including the authentic and most traditional Biryani. Thus, we bring you our very special Chicken Kabab Biryani so you and your guests can enjoy the best of both worlds during Iftar. The delectable and tender Chicken Kabab and Biryani is one of the best culinary combinations you will ever enjoy. The flavorful long-grain Basmati rice and the intense flavors of the aromatic spices in the Chicken Kabab make you and your guests go wow and leave your taste buds satisfied.

The above-mentioned authentic Indian dishes are just perfect for your Iftar feasts. If you haven’t read our blog from last year, read it to learn about more such dishes we offer. Here’s the link to the blog: Top 5 non-veg dishes to serve at the Iftar feast during Ramadan! You can easily get these delicacies in a ready-to-serve version from a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet near you. If it is not convenient for you to go and buy them, you can place your orders from a nearby Bombay kitchen outlet. We are available on Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub, so order and stock up these dishes today!