Lohri Celebration with Desi Namkeens

Desi Namkeens to brighten your Lohri celebrations

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Winters mark the beginning of the harvest season, and thus, the festival of Lohri takes place during this time. However, amidst all the fun and frolic of Lohri celebrations, a spread of authentic snacks sets the right mood during this festival. Read this blog, where we bring you a list of mouthwatering desi namkeens from our product range that will elevate your celebrations.

The winter sets in with a mood of celebration and enjoyment, marking the beginning of festivities. During this season, the start of the harvest festivals is what we all look forward to, and Lohri is one of them. The festival of Lohri is celebrated widely by Sikhs and Punjabis all across the world, and this festival marks the beginning of longer days and shorter nights, precisely the gradual setting of winters and the start of spring. 

Lohri celebrations are lovely and full of fun and enjoyment. A significant part of this festival is the bonfire. People get dressed in colorful clothes, sit around the bonfire, sing, dance, and all sorts of merriment while the rhythmic beats of dhol tasha fill the air. Besides all this, another essential part of Lohri celebrations is snacks.

A spread of lip-smacking, authentic desi namkeens never fails to make the celebration of Lohri special. The taste of tradition in these mouthwatering namkeens makes people drool and sit together to munch on these delights while having a great time with loved ones.    

In this blog, we will tell you about some of Indian cuisine’s finest, crunchy, and spicy snacks offered by Bombay Kitchen. Read about them, choose your favorites, and serve them to your loved ones to enjoy your Lohri celebrations! 

When we talk of desi namkeens, Dal Moth is supposed to be one of the must-include snacks. It is made with brown lentils and sev made of chickpea flour and is considered one of the best Indian fried snacks. If you serve it to your guests during the Lohri celebrations, be prepared for having to keep refilling the bowls as it will get over in no time.

Prepared with chickpea flour and a very popular snack of desi cuisine, Bhavnagari Gathia is crunchy and spicy strands that are deep-fried to perfection and instantly fill your soul with utmost satisfaction. It has the flavors of subtle spices, and the crispy texture makes it even more enjoyable.

The Lohri celebrations bring people together for fun and merriment. So what better way to make it even more special than a generous serving of some lip-smacking Bhel Mix?  As the name suggests, it is a fine mix of puffed rice, Indian noodles (Sev), spices of different kinds, and the all-time loved desi essence. Thus, it is one of those Indian snacks that brings people together instantly.

If you or your guests are conscious about diet, health, and well-being, but also love to munch on snacks, then we have a low-fat and healthy desi namkeen, which is none other than the delicious Chewda Mix. Prepared with rice flakes and split gram peas, It is one of the best snacks to indulge in, especially for people who are particular about their health and fitness.

The goodness of crunchy corn flakes with a twist of authentic, aromatic, and flavorful desi spices brings you the delightful Corn Chewda. If you serve a spread of Indian snacks, don’t forget this delight because it will steal the show and leave your guests drooling over its taste and flavors.

As the name suggests, you must have guessed already that this one is for spicy food lovers. Well, yes, you guessed it right! Our Extra Hot Mix meets your expectations with its bold flavors and the title of the most tantalizing Indian fried spicy mix.  Moreover, it is even more enjoyable during this time as the weather is chilly, and some extra spice to your taste buds will surely not offend you!

Potato chips are something that almost everyone loves. But we at Bombay Kitchen bring you a twist with an addition of peanuts and nuts. Thereby, the delicious snack Farari Chevda is what you get from this additional twist to our regular, mundane potato chips. Try this snack out, and we assure you that you will crave more and more of this delight.

Fine Sev is Indian fried noodles made out of chickpea flour. It is a snack on its own, but its versatility lies in the fact that it also serves as a wonder ingredient in various chat recipes and is often used as a topping on several dishes. Serve it as a snack, or let your guests choose it to top over their favorite dishes and celebrate a Happy Lohri together. 

The above-mentioned desi namkeens will surely elevate your Lohri celebrations and you can rest assured that your guests will love these lip-smacking delights too. Visit a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet and shop for the ones you would like to stock up for this auspicious festival and enjoy the taste and flavorful delight of these Indian snacks.