Non-vegetarian Biryanis

Elevate your gatherings with Bombay Kitchen’s range of Ready-to-eat Non-vegetarian Biryanis!

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When you host an Indian dinner party, Biryani is a must-have on the menu. This traditional Indian dish is loved by everyone and is considered one of the finest dishes for guests on any occasion. In this blog, we will tell you about the different Biryanis we at Bombay Kitchen offer. So, let’s get right in! 

A gathering of friends and family is always considered a special occasion in every Indian household across the world. While nostalgic recollections, the sounds of chitchats, and overjoyed laughter fill the surroundings, food makes its entry as the star of the show that everyone awaits because mouthwatering food is all you need to add a lively touch to a gathering of Indian people.

While we are perfectly aware of the plethora of delicacies that Indian cuisine offers, one dish steals the limelight every time you serve it. Any guesses? Well, while most of you have already guessed it right, let us still give you the answer. It is none other than the all-time favorite Biryani! 

Let us first get to know a little bit about Biryani!

Biryani entered the Indian culinary heritage during the Mughal reign and, since then, has never ceased to amaze people with its phenomenal taste and irresistible, authentic, and unique flavors. When you host a get-together, and your guests enter your house only to get welcomed by the intense aroma of freshly cooked Biryani, it is nothing short of an unforgettable experience. 

Since we mentioned the heavenly moments of devouring the aroma of freshly-cooked Biryani, we must also address the fact that the cooking process of Biryani is quite time-consuming, and thus, preparing it at home is quite much of a hassle and takes a lot of work. But does that mean you must reject the idea of hosting an Indian-style dinner gathering for friends and serving them Biryani? Not at all, because this is where we come into play! Bombay Kitchen, the most trusted Indian food brand, brings you a wide range of authentic Biryanis in a ready-to-eat version. So cooking is not even a question anymore!    

Read this blog to know about the various ready-to-eat Biryanis that Bombay Kitchen offers in its product range! 

Chicken Biryani

The traditional Chicken Biryani is closely associated with Indian culinary heritage as it is one of the most commonly enjoyed variants of this historic delicacy. A dish that always tends to spice up every occasion and feast, the popular Chicken Biryani captivates your guests with its unique flavors and taste. The tender, boneless chicken sauteed in onions and Indian spices, mixed with the flavorful Basmati Rice, makes Chicken Biryani one of those dishes that reminds you of fond nostalgic memories when you gather with friends and enjoy it. 

Chicken Kabab Biryani

As if Biryani was not enough, we also bring you a special type that will surely make you drool just by knowing about it. This special type is none other than our very tasty, heavenly, and most mouthwatering dish, Chicken Kabab Biryani. Yes, you read that right, and as the name suggests, this delicacy offers you the best of both worlds with a perfect combination of Kabab and Biryani. So, you are surely pretty excited to know how it tastes and can’t wait to enjoy it yourself and also surprise your guests with its delicious flavors and taste. 

Lamb Biryani

Let the royal flavors of Lamb Biryani woo your loved ones within seconds. When you heat our pack of ready-to-eat Lamb Biryani, the air fills with the intense aroma of special spices, making it impossible for your guests to resist craving the dish. The delectably tender and boneless Lamb Meat serves as the most delicious element of this dish, whereas the spices and flavorful Basmati Rice add more to its flavorful experience. Serve it to your guests and watch as every spoonful of the Biryani rice and every bite of the Lamb Meat cast a spell on them. They will surely ask for more of this delicious Biryani.

Shrimp Biryani

Experimentation is the only way to explore the unexplored. Thus, Bombay Kitchen offers a pleasant surprise for all seafood lovers in one of its Biryani variants. Guess what? Our Shrimp Biryani will make you and your guests experience the ultimate seafood twist to the ruling traditional Indian dish, Biryani. The marinated shrimp, simmered in a gravy prepared with onion and exotic spices, is layered well in the Basmati rice, resulting in this mouthwatering delicacy. Moreover, if you are keen on treating your guests to fusion or exotic dishes, Shrimp Biryani is a fine delicacy to consider including in the menu ideas. 

 The above-mentioned Biryanis are sure to make your guests go wow right from the first bite, and your parties or gatherings will be elevated by including these delicious Biryanis on the menu. We offer these Biryanis to you in a ready-to-eat version, so you don’t even have to go through the cooking hassle. All you have to do is head to a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and get your favorites. You can order from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet through the apps Uber Eats, Door Dash, and GrubHub to get these products delivered to your doorstep!