Chicken Curry

Enjoy the soul-satisfying Chicken Curry this National Curried Chicken Day

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On the occasion of National Curried Chicken Day, let us talk a bit about the most beloved chicken curries across the world. In this blog, we will focus on how this day makes it even more special and essential for all Chicken lovers to indulge in the tantalizing flavors and taste of this delight.

The very thought of Chicken delicacies brings just one type of dish to our minds, which is none other than the very delicious Chicken Curry that all non-vegetarian foodies love to indulge in. Therefore, celebrating the flavorful occasion of National Curried Chicken Day is a way of paying gratitude to this delicacy, considering its historical significance in the world of cooking. 

So, before we get to the occasion, let us first find out about the historical facts about this dish. 

It is believed that the inception of Chicken Curry dates back to about 8000 years in the culinary history of India. From then onwards, this dish has traveled to different parts of the world, surrounding many cultures.

During the early 1700s, curried Chicken found its way to the lands of Great Britain via the explorers who used to bring these recipes back from their voyages. Here, during this century, the recipe evolved over time with the use of several other kinds of spices and cooking styles. 

The inception of Chicken Curry in America traces back to the 1940s, and there is a story associated with it. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the president of the United States of America, and General George S. Patton were notably served Chicken Curry, which was prepared with the help of a recipe by a female resident of the state of Georgia. However, the trivia here is that, during that time, this famous dish we call Chicken Curry was known as ‘Country Captain.’

Getting back to the United Kingdom since we are talking about the journey of this delicacy back in the year 1953, during the prestigious coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II, a special Chicken recipe was used to celebrate the event, and it has from then on been referred to as the ‘Coronation Chicken.’

Now, if a simple dish is associated with so many impactful historical events, it is evident that it deserves a day dedicated entirely to celebrating its existence and, more importantly, its inception in the culinary heritage of India. So, let us find out how we celebrate National Curried Chicken Day and the specialty of this delicacy.

National Curried Chicken Day is celebrated every year on 12th January. Chicken lovers celebrate this day wholeheartedly as it marks the importance and specialty of one of Indian cuisine’s most authentic dishes, Chicken Curry. It is undoubtedly the most-loved Indian curry dish under the umbrella of non-vegetarian food, and it is of prime importance to include this delicacy on the menu of a party where one is serving dishes to guests who are non-vegetarian foodies.   

The specialty of authentic desi Chicken Curry lies in the use of typical curry spices that add the intensity of aroma and flavors to this dish. Indian cuisine’s wide range of spices makes it possible for us to try out various versions of this same dish, be it the tantalizing curry varieties of the southern parts or the robust, creamy, flavorful variants of the northern areas; each variety, according to the region tells us a unique story through the taste and flavors and brings the rich culinary heritage and diversity of Indian cuisine to life. 

Even though one can thoroughly enjoy the delightfulness of Chicken Curry with flavorful naans, rotis, or parathas, there is one traditional combination that is regarded as the most traditional and extremely loved pairing, and that is piping hot basmati rice cooked to perfection along with the delicious Chicken Curry. The delectable, succulent, and finely cooked Chicken pieces, along with the zesty gravy made of aromatic and flavorful spices, blend perfectly with the fragrant basmati rice and prove to be a culinary match made in heaven. 

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