Ready-to-eat Paneer

Explore the Revolution of Culinary Convenience with our Ready-to-eat Paneer dishes!

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Paneer is one of the most popular ingredients that elevates the vegetarian food experience. You can prepare a host of traditional, classic dishes with it. In this blog, we bring you some of our delicious, ready-to-eat paneer delicacies that will surely make you go wow right from the start. So read on to learn about these dishes! 

Indian cuisine never fails to surprise us with its plethora of delicacies under both vegetarian and non-vegetarian segments. While there are innumerable non-vegetarian dishes this cuisine offers us, the vegetarian delights are also no less. However, specifically when it comes to vegetarian delicacies, Paneer is one essential ingredient that we can never miss out on. 

Paneer is the wonder ingredient of Vegetarian dishes!

Paneer is considered a versatile ingredient because you can prepare several tasty dishes with it, and all these delicacies serve as comfort food for the soul. Besides its rich protein content and high nutritional value, the tasty Paneer dishes always elevate the vegetarian section in a gathering, party, or festive dining. So, you can never go wrong with including some Paneer delicacies for your vegetarian guests. 

Now that we know what makes Paneer so special, let’s discuss something very important. In today’s world, time is highly precious, and convenience reigns supreme. In regard to this, the culinary landscape is witnessing a rapid evolution with ready-to-eat dishes. All those old times are gone when serving delicious dishes as a wholesome meal required hours in the kitchen, and this is where the ready-to-eat concept comes into play. Ready-to-eat dishes are nothing short of a culinary revolution, as they give you the satisfaction of home-cooked goodness in the form of modern-day convenience wherever you want. So you can enjoy the traditional flavors of home even when you’re away. 

We at Bombay Kitchen, take pride in being one of the highly reputed and most trusted desi food brands because of the authenticity of taste and flavors of our dishes. So we offer all vegetarian foodies a pleasant surprise with some mouthwatering, must-try, ready-to-eat Paneer dishes. Moreover, these dishes are nothing short of a testament to Indian cuisine’s ability to adapt to a modern, convenient form without losing its soul. 

Read this blog to know about these delicious ready-to-eat Paneer dishes that you can get from our product range!

Paneer Tikka Samosa

Imagine getting to enjoy the best of Samosa and Paneer Tikka all in one! Would it not be a mesmerizing experience? Well, if you think so, too, then hurry up and quickly grab a pack of our highly delicious, immensely flavorful, and soul-satisfying Paneer Tikka Samosa. Samosas, as we know, are an integral part of almost every desi household worldwide, and it is one of the most-loved snacks. But in this dish, with every bite of the crispy samosas, you get to enjoy the heavenly fillings of the traditional desi delicacy, Paneer Tikka. Besides that, the convenience factor is also there, as you can heat these samosas and serve your guests within minutes

Mattar Paneer

A discussion of Paneer dishes is never complete without mentioning the all-time favorite delicacy, Mattar Paneer. The Paneer, also known as homemade cheese cubes, is sauteed with fresh green peas in a rich, traditional sauce. This dish never fails to enthrall your taste buds, and you can pair it with rice, pulao, parathas, chapatis, etc. If you wish to treat your guests to authentic Indian flavors, Mattar Paneer is the right choice.

Paneer Makhani

Paneer Makhani is the perfect symbol of culinary indulgence. This delicacy features cubes of Paneer simmered in a rich, creamy sauce prepared with intensely flavorful spices. Whenever you serve this dish to your guests, they become happy and satisfied, giving them a rich and luxurious experience in terms of taste and flavor. Paneer Makhani tastes terrific when you enjoy it with hot and fluffy Naans or Parathas.

Palak Paneer

One of the most-loved vegetarian dishes, the flavors of which Indians devour with immense joy and satisfaction, Palak Paneer is the most essential addition to the list. The blend of Paneer and fresh spinach sauteed with traditional, desi, and intensely aromatic spices make the signature green gravy so flavorful that one cannot resist craving more. We at Bombay Kitchen bring you this delicious dish in a different form with some flavorful Basmati rice, thereby offering you one of the finest ready-to-eat meals. If you wish to serve a wholesome meal to your loved ones, then this is the product where your search ends.

Embrace the Flavors of Home with Zero Effort!

The mouthwatering Paneer dishes mentioned above are some of the most flavorful and tasty vegetarian delicacies that will mesmerize your taste buds. Moreover, the fact that they are brought to you in a ready-to-eat version doubles up the joy because you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen cooking these dishes. All you have to do is grab a ready-to-eat pack of these Paneer delicacies from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet or grocery store, heat them, and serve them hot to enjoy the authentic taste. You can also order these dishes from your nearest Bombay Kitchen outlet via the apps Uber Eats, Door Dash, and GrubHub to receive them right at your doorstep!