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Five Indian Snacks To Elevate Your Chit-Chat Sessions

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The unparalleled joy of sharing authentic Indian snacks with your loved ones is something you cherish for a long time. For all you snack lovers, Bombay Kitchen offers a wide range of tasty snacks that will enhance and spice up your gatherings, leaving your taste buds satisfied. Read this blog to know about these snacks!

Indian cuisine unlocks the door to countless flavorful dishes and lip-smacking snacks that make you go wow in an instant. It is a common culture in almost every desi household across the world to indulge in authentic Indian snacks with family and loved ones. These snacks are usually enjoyed over cups of chai, coffee, or maybe during a game session or movie night with friends. Be it any small or large gathering, authentic desi snacks are the essential tidbits that add life to these sessions. 

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to Indian snacks, you will indeed be lost for choice due to the wide range of available options. The options vary from mild flavors to fiery spicy snacks. Therefore, there’s everything you ask for, but so many that it sometimes becomes tough to choose a few specific ones. Bombay Kitchen, the most trusted Indian food brand, brings you several mild and spicy Indian snacks in the most authentic version, and all you get to experience is the traditional taste and flavors.

In this blog, we will introduce you to five exceptional Indian snacks from our range of products that will deepen your conversations. Read about them and choose your favorites because the next step should be to stock up on them! 

Starting our list with a spicy snack, Extra Hot Mix will tantalize the taste buds of those fond of hot and spicy snacks. Prepared with Chickpea Flour, Chickpeas, Red Lentils, Split Gram Peas, and a mix of flavorful, hot Indian spices, Extra Hot Mix is the perfect snack to spice up your gatherings and get-togethers.

One of the most versatile snacks with a different mixture of flavors, Bombay Mix, is loved by everyone. Made with a crunchy mix of tangy flavors and spicy peanuts, this snack becomes an instant favorite for people when you serve it, and it adds a nostalgic touch to your chitchat sessions.

Made with Chickpea Flour, Spices, and Brown Lentils, Dal Moth is a perfect snack if you want a simpler option for tidbits. The nutty flavor of the lentils blends exceptionally with the hot spices and makes Dal Moth a snack that is hard to resist. You can enjoy it at a family gathering or sometimes during your break time from work because it perfectly satisfies your cravings.

Surprise your loved ones by treating them to the tasty and crunchy Corn Chewda. Let them indulge in the flavorful bites of the fried, crunchy corn flakes and lose themselves in the captivating essence of the traditional spices that go into the preparation of this lip-smacking snack.

Just like we say, we have something special for everyone. This particular snack is especially for those conscious about their diet and health. Chewda Mix is a healthy snack that has an extremely low-fat content and is made of rice flakes and split-gram peas. Make your health-conscious guests elated as you serve them this mouthwatering snack. Watch as they enjoy every bit of it and ask for more!

The authentic Indian snacks mentioned above will elevate your chit-chatting sessions and make you and your friends enjoy a fun-filled evening full of laughter and flavors. You can get these snacks from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet or grocery store and stock up on them today! If you cannot go out to buy these snacks, pick up your phones and place your orders from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet. We are available on Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub, so order today and fill your storage with these lip-smacking Indian snacks!