Five non-vegetarian dishes to add to your party menu this Holiday Season

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It is the Holiday Season and the perfect time to meet and enjoy with family, loved ones, and friends from far and near. The parties are made more enjoyable when mouth-watering food is served. This blog brings you five mouthwatering dishes for the perfect Holiday season party menu.

When the much-awaited Holiday season arrives, happiness and excitement knows no bounds! And why not? It is, after all, a time when you finally have no stress of work or any busy schedule to meet, and you can give all your time to your family and friends. In order to ensure your guests enjoy the heavenly taste and flavors, you should include delicious dishes when throwing a party during this time.

In this blog, we bring you some delightful non-vegetarian food we offer in ready-to-eat versions that will make your Holiday Season party memorable. 

A dish that makes you feel lost in the world of flavors, Lamb Korma is one of the must-try delicacies that will instantly make you happy! This dish comprises marinated lamb cooked well in a cashew flavored gravy. You should include this dish in your party menu, and rest assured that your guests will enjoy it with the utmost happiness. You can enjoy Lamb Korma with any of the flavorful Naans available in our product range. 

Coconut Lamb Curry is one of the most delicious non-vegetarian dishes, and we bring it to you with a flavorful twist of coconut gravy. The seasoned Lamb meat simmered in this gravy is tender and tastes heavenly. You can enjoy this delightful dish with some tasty Naan, chapati, or rice as per your choice. When you include this dish in the Holiday season party menu, the feast becomes wholesome.

A combination of flavors in one pack, our Chicken Tikka Masala With Ginger Garlic Pilaf serves a heartwarming meal. The tender pieces of chicken, simmered in a traditional spiced gravy, make it a fine and delicious chicken dish you will love to enjoy right from the first bite. We bring you this delightful delicacy with some garlic and ginger-infused Pilaf, and this combination will instantly become your favorite. So don’t forget to serve it to your guests at your party. 

The cold weather outside during the Holiday season makes everyone crave some lip-smacking dishes with spinach. That’s why we bring you the exceptional Tandoori Spinach Chicken With Cumin Infused Pilaf. The flavors of tandoor feel delicious to savor during the winter and we add a twist to the dish by serving the lip-smacking tandoori chicken pieces in creamy spinach gravy. When you mix this delight with the cumin-flavored Pilaf, the experience is that of a gastronomical heaven.

A traditional South Indian delicacy, Lamb Vindaloo is a delight to the taste buds and a must in your Holiday season party menu. This flavorful dish comes with tender, seasoned lamb meat cooked for a long time in a zesty, spicy gravy and diced potatoes. It is a wholesome dish, and once anyone tries it out, they’ll keep craving more and more of it. You can serve it to your guests with a choice of rice or some delicious naans, which goes well with everything. 

The above-mentioned authentic delights of Indian cuisine are all brought to you by Bombay Kitchen in a heat-and-eat version. So you are more than prepared to throw a memorable Holiday party for your loved ones because the hassle of cooking is not something you’ll encounter anymore. All you have to do is head to a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and get the packs of these dishes. Heat them, serve them hot and enjoy a happy, wholesome and heartwarming feast with your friends, family, and loved ones.