Ready-to-Eat Dishes on Holi

Five Ready-to-Eat Dishes to Brighten Your Holi Celebrations

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Holi is almost approaching, and it is time to get ready to celebrate this day to the fullest. Alongside the splash of colors and good vibes, delicious food is also a significant part of Holi. Read this blog, where we bring you five mouthwatering ready-to-eat dishes from Bombay Kithen’s product range that will surely make the celebrations of Holi special and enjoyable.

Holi, the much-awaited festival of colors, is almost knocking on the door, and you are undoubtedly gearing up for the fun-filled celebrations. This beautiful occasion brings families and friends together to celebrate in the spirit of love and unity amidst the joyous atmosphere with bright and vibrant colors. The traditions of Holi are deeply rooted in Indian mythology, and two historical incidents are associated with this festival. 

The first one is the story of King Hiranyakashipu, who happened to seek his sister Holika’s help in killing his son Prahlada, a devotee of Lord Vishnu. As the story goes, Holika covered herself with a cloak and sat on a pyre with Prahlada in an attempt to burn him, but the cloak protected him instead of Holika, and the result was her demise in the fire. Afterward, that night, Lord Vishnu killed King Hiranyakashipu, which has been seen as an episode of the triumph of good over evil. In some places in the present day, a pyre is lit up with fire the night before Holi, known as ‘Holika Dahan,’ symbolizing the burning down of evil and attracting the good. 

Another mythological story related to Holi is about Radha and Krishna. Krishna, as we know, is the Hindu deity and a manifestation of Lord Vishnu himself, who fell in love with Radha, who was a milkmaid. But Krishna’s skin being dark and Radha’s fair complexion made Krishna feel embarrassed about himself. Thus, during a game with Radha and the other milkmaids, Krishna playfully colored her face. This episode is seen as the origin of the involvement of colors on Holi, and the revelry of this festival also upholds the striking characteristic of Lord Krishna, who is known for his plays and pranks.  

Holi is one such Indian festival that we all eagerly wait for because there are no limits to merrymaking on this day. We gather with friends and family, play with colors and have a great time together. In order to elevate the Holi celebrations, delicious food is surely a must because food is what makes all occasions memorable. 

In this blog, we bring you some of Bombay Kitchen’s authentic, Indian non-veg dishes that we offer in a ready-to-eat version so you can enjoy them without compromising on the celebrations due to having to cook them. Scroll down to know about these delicacies! 

Coconut Lamb Curry is nothing short of a soul-pleasing delicacy, a dish that enthralls your taste buds with its sweet and spicy flavors. It is a perfect dish for your Holi get-together as it is flavorful and wholesome with all the delectably tender Lamb meat seasoned with a host of traditional spices and cooked well in a creamy, coconut-flavored gravy. It tastes best when paired with Naans, Parathas, or Chapatis.

If you are throwing a Holi party and have guests who love seafood, surprise them with Bombay Kitchen’s very authentic Fish Malabar. It is one dish that reaches your heart right through your taste buds. The fish fillet is nicely seasoned with authentic spices that amp up the flavors and served in a creamy coconut gravy. It fills your soul with the utmost culinary delightfulness, where you find that perfect balance of taste, aroma, and flavors. Moreover, this dish being offered in a ready-to-eat version is also a major point as you don’t have to spend extra time cooking it.

Lovers of spicy dishes rejoice because here is a dish that suits your taste buds the best. Our very special and authentic Black Pepper Chicken is one of the most intensely flavorful Chicken delicacies in our product range. The traditional spices play a major role in the marinated chicken cubes, making the delectable meat flavorful to the core. Then, these chicken cubes are served in a rich gravy prepared with black pepper. So spice up your Holi feast with this mouthwatering, spicy delicacy that will make you crave more! 

A common appetizer for Indians all across the world, Chicken 65 is a dish that tantalizes your taste buds with its lip-smacking flavors. The boneless chicken pieces are seasoned with flavorful spices and cooked in a rich, zesty gravy. Serve this dish to your guests on Holi, and be prepared to go for refills every time, as they will finish it all because this delicacy is irresistibly mouthwatering, and you cannot refrain from asking for more!

When it comes to an occasion or festival, Chicken Biryani has to be a dish on the menu. The traditional delicacy loved by one and all, Chicken Biryani is the heart and soul of your Holi feast. The tender and finely marinated boneless chicken pieces are sauteed in several spices and onions for added flavor and then cooked with Basmati Rice. It is highly flavorful, and the intense aroma of the spices woos you within minutes. Serve it and enjoy the traditional flavors of Indian culinary heritage with your friends and loved ones.

Now that you know some of the flavorful dishes that we offer in our product range, choose your favorites and get ready to spend Holi with these mouthwatering desi dishes. Even though these delicacies take a lot of time to cook, you surely don’t wish to spend all your time cooking them while others indulge in the revelry and merriment of Holi. Therefore, we bring them to you in a ready-to-serve version so you can avoid the hassle of cooking and enjoy the occasion thoroughly. All you need to do is head to a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and get the dishes you want. Get back home, heat them, and they will be ready for serving. In other cases, if you cannot go out to buy them, place your orders, and our seamless nationwide delivery services will ensure these products reach your doorstep. We are available on Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub, so choose your favorites and start placing your orders.