Five tempting appetizers that will enhance your Holi celebration!

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Holi celebration is all about having fun with colors and good food in the company of close friends and loved ones. In this blog, we bring you some delicious delights that will add more to the happiness of your Holi celebration.
Read on to know about some of the best appetizers for parties that Bombay Kitchen offers you.

Holi, the auspicious festival of colors, is something we look forward to every year. It is a beautiful occasion celebrated to welcome spring;s arrival. People spend this day with friends, family, and loved ones, playing with colors and indulging in delicious food. Besides the essential part of Holi, which is a wide range of colors, food is also an integral part of this festival. Traditional foods of Indian cuisine add happiness to the Holi celebrations, and everyone wishes to enjoy the flavors of such authentic dishes.

We bring you some of the most mouthwatering non-vegetarian appetizers you can easily serve your guests as Holi foods if you are hosting a grand Holi celebration. Scroll down and read this blog to know about these festive appetizers and choose your Holi special food.

If you are fond of lamb dishes, Tandoori Lamb Chops is one of the finest lamb appetizers you can serve your guests during the Holi celebration. The delectably tender lamb meat marinated with several flavorful, authentic spices makes you lose yourself in a world of flavors right from the first bite. Your guests will be instantly happy when you serve this dish.

Shami Kabab

One of the most popular dishes among the wide range of Indian appetizers, Shami Kabab, is a treat to the taste buds and is widely enjoyed by people worldwide. The aroma and essence of the spices mixed with the ground meat make everyone feel satisfied and crave more. Serve this delightful delicacy with a bit of mint chutney, and watch your guests enjoy it with utmost happiness.

Another delight from the wide variety of lamb dishes we offer, Lamb Samosa is something that will blow your mind. The traditional Indian appetizer, samosa, is brought to you with a twist of flavorful fillings comprising lamb meat marinated with desi spices. You can enjoy the crunchy exterior and be surprised by the juicy, delectable, and mouthwatering fillings. When you serve it to your friends during the Holi celebration, it might as well become the show stopper amongst the other dishes because your guests will instantly love it.

If you wish to add a twist of Chinese cuisine to your Holi special appetizers, you can undoubtedly include the utterly delicious Indo-Chinese appetizer, Chicken 65. The delicious boneless Chicken pieces are served in a zesty gravy, and the flavors enthrall the taste buds. You can rest assured that your guests will be more than happy just at the sight of this amazing dish.

The all-time favorite dish of Indians worldwide, Chicken Seekh Kabab, is an irresistible dish that one simply cannot ignore. The mix of spices and minced Chicken, skewered in a traditional oven, gives you the most authentic taste and flavors. If you are wondering what can be the perfect appetizer to indulge in during the Holi celebration, Chicken Seekh Kabab is the delicacy where your search ends.

The delicious appetizers mentioned above are just a few of the several other dishes we offer. These dishes are sure to make your Holi celebration special, and what’s more, is that we bring you all these delights in ready-to-serve versions. So all you have to do is get these delicacies from a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet, heat them, and enjoy them with your friends, family, and loved ones.