Indian Kababs from Bombay Kitchen – A Truly Amazing and Enticing Experience

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Everyone loves delicious kababs. The perfectly roasted pieces of minced meat are just hard to resist! Cooked with different styles and recipes, every kind of kabab has a unique taste. Kabab is such a delight we simply can’t live without; they are our most significant guilty pleasure foods. Prepared with juicy meat, oil, and spices, let’s find out how you can dive into this guilt of flavors with Bombay Kitchen!

Every dedicated non-veg lover knows what kebabs or kababs are! Kababs are made with roasting fresh chicken or lamb that make us drool with their overpowering aroma and flavor.

You will quickly admit that kababs are no doubt the most excellent attention grabbers when you have a platter full of juicy and mouth-watering Indian kababs. Kababs made with minced chicken, or lamb meat are the most popular grills and a perfect party appetizer. 

The melt-in-mouth texture, pleasing aroma, and char-grilled flavor can definitely keep you hooked! In India, kababs symbolize sumptuousness, and most kababs originated in royal kitchens. So, if you want to enjoy this royal cuisine, get ready with Bombay Kitchen! We bring you the top 3 kababs you need to try and enjoy the guilty pleasure.

All the way from Hyderabad, Bombay Kitchen brings you authentic Indian Shami Kababs in the USA, which are the most popular Indian kababs out there. A common item on the menu of restaurants worldwide, Shami Kababs are beautiful small patties of minced meat, chickpea flour, and eggs. Lamb is most commonly used in Shami Kababs; hence, the flavorsome appetizer is considered heavy on calories. Bring home our ready-to-eat packs of Shami Kababs home, cook them as you like, and enjoy them with any chutney and lemon garnishing to enjoy the best meat flavors!

Seekh Kabab is another popular kabab variety throughout the world. Seekh means skewers, and Kabab means meat cooked over a fire! Seekh Kababs are made with pieces of meat mixed with onions, garlic, ginger, green chili peppers, herbs, and spices to get their authentic flavor. Traditionally, beef was used for the kabab, but due to the popularity of soft chicken and lamb meat, Seekh Kababs are typically found with such meat. With Bombay Kitchen, you can find the most authentic Seekh Kababs in the USA. We offer them in convenient heat-and-eat packs where you can simply bring home these packs, cook and enjoy!

Chicken Chapli Kabab is a popular chicken patty appetizer that originated in Pakistan and then traveled across the world. These kababs are also prepared in different shapes along with a patty shape. Traditionally, Chicken Chapli Kababs are cooked on pans or with a wood fire on a barbeque grill. Flavored with traditional Indian spices, our Chicken Chapli Kababs will give your tastebuds a ride of authentic Indian flavors. So, make sure you get our heat-and-eat packs of these kababs for your upcoming house parties.

Whether you regularly have non-veg dishes or you love to try new cuisine often, you must try our juicy and exotic Indian kababs to refresh your taste buds.

Anytime is the perfect time to have kababs, from breakfast to lunch and from party snacks to appetizers for special occasions.

At Bombay Kitchen, we offer a variety of Indian meat specialties. We have a wide range of Indian non-veg dishes if you are curious about Indian cuisine, and that too in the most authentic way!

We are known for offering authentic Indian flavors, so make sure you visit our Bombay Kitchen outlet soon and grab our ready-to-eat packs of kababs, samosas, and curries.