Make these Delicious Kathiyawadi Dishes at home with Namkeens from Bombay Kitchen

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Kathiyawadi cuisine, one of the most popular Indian food varieties, belongs to Gujarat. It is a vibrant cuisine made with different simple Indian recipes. Let’s discover some more facts about Kathiyawadi recipes and how you can prepare some dishes at home using signature Bombay Kitchen namkeens.

Every state in India has its own food culture, unique taste, and flavor. All in all, Indian cuisine is about various dishes, and every dish has its unique significance. Gujarat is a state with a vibrant culinary culture. Gujaratis are passionate foodies, but the world knows Gujarati food is limited to its popular Dhokla and Thepla. There is so much more to that! 

The typical Gujarati thali has so many dishes that you cannot resist yourself to finish it.

Origin of Kathiyawadi Cuisine

Kathiyawadi cuisine originated in coastal Gujarat. Kathiyawadi thali, or a feast, belongs to some particular regions in Gujarat. The Kathiyawad region, also known as Saurashtra, consists of cities like Porbandar, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, and Junagadh. Kathiyawad has mostly dry and harsh weather, which means less vegetation. So, most dishes are made with potatoes, millets, tomatoes, and brinjal. Kathiyawadi food is made with simple Indian recipes. Farsan (a collection of desi snacks) is a dominant part of this cuisine and has become a part of Gujarati tradition. 

Are you ready to dive into the world of Kathiyawadi food and want to try these simple Indian recipes? 

Kathiyawadi recipes need namkeens or Indian snacks for preparation, and Bombay Kitchen brings you a variety of such namkeens which you can use in these dishes.

Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak

Sev tomato or sev tamatar nu shaak strikes the right savory notes. Usually prepared with sev cooked in spicy tomato curry, sev tomato is best eaten with Thepla or Bhakri. The sev in this dish gives it a crunchy texture. It is prepared during Paryushan Parva in Jain communities when consuming root vegetables is avoided.

You can use Bombay Kitchen’s Fine Sev to make sev tamatar nu shaak at home. Our Fine Sev is made with finely-processed chickpea flour and is well suited for this dish.

Peanut Chaat

Nothing beats freshly-served Peanut Chaat if you are looking for some yummy snack ideas. You can consider it one of the simple Indian recipes, and prepare this appetizer at home in less than 10 minutes. Just mix peanuts, spices, squeeze a lemon and garnish with your options for this dish. It will be tastier if you use Bombay Kitchen’s Spicy Peanuts or Peanut Bhujia. Peanuts with tangy and spicy taste can make you feel full for longer, and you can consider it a healthy chaat option.

Sev Khamani

One of the easiest Kathiyawadi recipes, Sev Khamani, is a popular dish during tea time. This dish will enhance your chai-time gupshup as nothing else can. The main ingredient of this simple Indian recipe is chana dal. It is prepared as regular dhokla and then garnished with Sev. If you want it to be more delightful, you can use Sev from Bombay Kitchen and immerse in its authentic flavor.

Kaju Karela

A royal dish, Kaju Karela is an interesting dish in Kathiyawadi cuisine. Bitter gourd is stir-fried until it becomes crunchy and its bitterness is gone. You can slice bitter gourd and toss it with jaggery, poppy seeds, cashews, and spices. If you don’t want to buy different spices used in this recipe, simply use Spicy Cashews from Bombay Kitchen to make Kaju Karela at home.

You can try these dishes to get the authentic experience of Kathiyawadi food at home. Above are mentioned some simple Indian recipes that you can prepare with easy-to-find ingredients in your local grocery shops.

We also offer some other delicious Indian snacks that can be had while preparing these dishes.

  • Black Pepper Gathia
  • Garlic Gathia
  • Papadi Gathia
  • Bombay Mix
  • Rajbhog Mix
  • Chewda Mix 
  • Bhel Mix 
  • Extra Hot Mix 
  • Dal Moth
  • Bikaneri Sev
  • Regular Sev 
  • Alu Bhujia

Our snacks are made with unadulterated ingredients in a hygienic facility. All our desi snacks have a standard shelf life so that you can enjoy them without worry.

Are you craving Kathiyawadi dishes? Well, you don’t need to travel all the way to India to taste it! Prepare it at home with Bombay Kitchen‘s snack variety. Visit a Bombay Kitchen outlet or a nearby grocery store to buy your packets.