Everything you need to know about Chicken 65

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Everyone loves a plate full of crispy, fried pieces of chicken. Well, what could be better than a freshly served chicken 65? But how exactly did this dish get its name? Is it simply because it was first discovered in the year 1965? There is more to this story, and with this article, Bombay Kitchen is revealing some of the unknown facts about the origin of chicken 65 and the Indo-Chinese connection.

If you love chicken, you must have tried this beautiful starter dish – chicken 65! This deep-fried, crispy, red, and tasty dish is now known to the world, but it’s a very popular dish in India. If you are new to the term ‘chicken 65’ there are so many theories about this dish.

Indian chicken 65 is a popular version of fried chicken made in Southern Asia, popularly Korea and Japan. Although nobody was sure about the origin of Indian chicken 65, it is one of the most loved Indo-Chinese dishes in the Indian subcontinent and many western countries, and today, we are going to talk about it in this article.

History of chicken 65 origin

Many people think that there are 65 ingredients in this dish and that’s how it got the name. This Indian version of fried chicken was invented in Chennai. The iconic Buhari Hotel on Mount Road, Chennai founded by AM Buhari is supposedly the origin of Indian chicken 65 and the legacy has spread across the world since the year 1965!

Why is it called chicken 65?

The world knows so many chicken dishes’ names but chicken 65 is the most unique one and it’s not at all complicated to prepare. Fresh chicken is marinated in spices and fried until it is crispy and red.

Many local Indian theories say that in the old times when soldiers used to visit the Buhari Hotel in Chennai, they often used to get confused due to the language barrier and end up ordering the 65th dish on the menu as it was a yummy spicy fried chicken dish. 

We can keep digging into the past, but nobody surely knows how one of the best fried chicken dishes got this name. We can; only if we could travel back in time!

Delicious chicken 65 Recipes

There are so many chicken 65 recipes, and they don’t have many differences. The chicken is marinated in curd, and a variety of ground and raw spices, then rice flour is added and deep-fried in oil. Some people also add corn flour to this recipe to make it crispier.

In many parts of the West, people add red chili sauce to finish it all off. If you prefer spicy chicken dishes, it’s a good option for you. Indian chicken 65 gets its fiery red color due to red chili powder.

This is the most we know about the origin of chicken 65 and its popularity around the world.

Well, we are not asking you to make it at home! You can enjoy authentic boneless Indian chicken 65. Now that you know the origin of chicken 65, you can wholeheartedly enjoy this dish by visiting any of the Bombay Kitchen outlets near you.

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