Lamb Dishes That You Simply Cannot Resist!

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Do you fall under the meat-lovers category? Well then, besides chicken, you can indeed have different varieties of red meat, and they taste heavenly. One of them is Lamb! In this blog, we bring you some irresistible Lamb Dishes that Bombay Kitchen offers, which you should try.

Lamb is one of the most commonly consumed livestock worldwide and is linked to numerous feasts and festive celebrations as the most-loved food. Lamb dishes have been a part of the culinary heritage of several countries worldwide, and many preparations are made with this variant of red meat. 

But there’s one thing that you must remember: Lamb and Mutton are not the same and have several different classifications worldwide. The unique and special variants of red meat give us amazing dishes to enjoy, yet they have differences.  

One of the eternally loved red meats, Lamb is a source of delightful and mouth watering flavors and excessive proteins. On top of that, Lamb is as versatile as other red meat can be. Besides being a source of extreme health benefits, it is exceptionally delicious. Depending on the different kinds of cuts, numerous varieties of Lamb dishes have made people indulge more and more in this tender and eminently flavorful red meat.

Bombay Kitchen offers you some mouthwatering delicacies in the form of ready-to-eat Lamb dishes, so in this blog, we bring you those delights that you should try from our range of products. Scroll down to learn about these dishes.

The all-time favorite appetizer for Indians worldwide, Samosas are savored with utmost joy in almost every Indian household. But it gets even better when you add the non-vegetarian touch to this delicacy and give it the form of Lamb Samosa.

This delightful appetizer is crunchy on the exterior, as is common in all cases but what matters the most is the wholesome and delectable interior fillings of meat marinated exclusively in special spices for Lamb. Right from the first bite, this lip-smacking appetizer makes one fall in love with it immensely. 

If you have plans to throw a friends’ get-together along with delicious food and fun, the latter will surely be taken care of, as a friends’ gathering is incomplete without loads of laughter and amusement. But what to do about the good food? Well, since we’re talking about Lamb dishes, let us introduce you to another delightful preparation we offer you, Tandoori Lamb Chops.  

As mentioned previously, Lamb dishes vary according to the various cuts. So for this particular delicacy, we use the Lamb rack for one reason. The tandoori rack of Lamb is exceptionally tender, which suffices enough to prepare the lip-smacking Lamb Tandoori Chops. It is one of the best Lamb dishes you can ever serve to your friends, and trust us, they will keep asking for more as it is as delectably melt-in-the-mouth and delicious a dish as you have ever tried. 

One of the finest entrees you can find in our product range, Lamb Vindaloo is a dish that will never fail to surprise you with its mouth watering flavors. The seasoned Lamb meat is cooked for a long time in a zesty spice-based gravy, and you just can’t get enough of it. Serve it to your guests at a party, or enjoy the tropical Goan flavors of this delicacy with your family as a wholesome dinner meal. This dish is going to spoil you for taste undoubtedly. Once you choose this delightful delicacy, you’re never going back.

When we talk about meat, the primary preparation that comes to our mind is none other than the traditional and all-time loved meat curry. Just like that, we offer you a very tasty and irresistibly delicious Lamb Curry but with a twist of coconut. We bring you this dish that comprises seasoned Lamb meat, but it comes with a creamy gravy that boasts the out-of-the-world flavors of coconut. So you get the spicy feeling and a mild essence of the coconut gravy to soothe down the spice. You can pair it with your favorite Indian bread or rice.

Lamb meat marinated with flavorful spices has an irresistible flavor that makes you fall in love with it immediately. We understand that, and thus we introduce you to this utterly delectable delight, Lamb Korma. The meat is incredibly flavorful due to the spices it is marinated with, and on top of that, we simmer it for a long time in a creamy gravy based upon cashews. Now, this is certainly something that you cannot think of letting go of. Lamb Korma is the perfect Lamb dish that can be served at feasts, parties, and whatnot. You can pair it with anything, but we suggest the best option for this dish would be some delicious naans we offer. So try out this mouthwatering delight with your friends and enjoy the heavenly flavors to your heart’s content.

The Lamb dishes mentioned-above are surely stirring up your cravings for this versatile and delectable meat. So what are you waiting for? We offer you these dishes in a heat and eat version, sparing you from encountering the hassle of cooking these authentic delicacies. You must visit a nearby grocery store, convenience store, delicatessen, or Bombay Kitchen outlet and get all the dishes you want. Heat these dishes, and they will be ready to be served hot and enjoyed within a few minutes. Enjoy these delicious Lamb dishes with friends, family, and loved ones, and have a gala time savoring these mouthwatering flavors.