Roganjosh A Kashmiri Surprise!

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Lamb Roganjosh is one of the most exotic Indian dishes. It is a Kashmiri dish made by slow-cooking bone-in lamb. Lamb Roganjosh is known for its thick yet soft meat, some unique spices, ginger, chili, yogurt, and saffron which gives it vibrant red color and signature flavor. Let’s explore some facts about Roganjosh lamb curry, the origin of this dish, the ingredients used, and its unique taste.

The moment you hear the word Lamb Roganjosh, you are swept with cravings for tender meat with authentic flavors, and your mouth starts watering. Especially for non-veg food lovers, lamb Roganjosh is a heavenly dish they crave every time someone mentions Kashmiri food. 

No wonder lamb Roganjosh is one of the popular dishes around the world, and Bombay Kitchen brings you a chance to enjoy authentic Roganjosh in your comfort.

So, what is Roganjosh?

Originally from Kashmir, lamb Roganjosh is a mutton curry dish made by slow-cooking lamb or mutton (goat meat). It is filled with exotic spices and is known for its vibrant red color. The dish gets its signature red color when RatanJot is used while cooking the dish. Ratan Jot is basically ‘Alkanet Root,’ a herb used to achieve red color in food. The herb is sometimes also used in tandoori chicken and other lamb dishes.

What does Josh in Roganjosh mean?

Roganjosh or commonly written as Roganjosh or Roganjosh is a combination of two terms – Rogan, which means clarified butter or oil in Persian, and Josh means passion or the fiery color and symbolizes the taste of this dish! Isn’t it amazing to read? Well, the dish is even more enjoyable to indulge in. Keep reading to know more.

Ingredients used in Kashmiri lamb Roganjosh

  • Lamb: Use bone-in lamb. Commonly, people use shanks or neckpieces. As the lamb cooks slowly, the bone marrow infuses the gravy with its unique flavors.
  • Spices: Paprika, cumin, coriander, garam masala, fennel, nutmeg, turmeric.
  • Kashmiri Lal Mirch: This is an essential ingredient in authentic lamb Roganjosh.
  • Saffron: Saffron is an authentic Kashmiri spice with rich red color and flavor as well as fragrance. Saffron is widely used to enhance Roganjosh’s signature red color along with ratan jot. Saffron is also used while making saffron rice pilaf which is the best dish to enjoy with lamb Roganjosh. 
  • Ghee: Ghee is clarified butter which gives it a unique flavor. Ghee also adds a layer of richness to the gravy.

Bombay Kitchen has ready-to-eat Lamb Roganjosh with Saffron Pilaf, which you can serve to your guests at any event or party. Along with its rich flavor and fragrance, our lamb Roganjosh is healthy too.

Here are some nutritional facts about Bombay Kitchen’s lamb Roganjosh with saffron pilaf:

Every spoonful of lamb Roganjosh is filled with lots of vitamins and protein.

Bombay Kitchen’s Lamb Roganjosh With Saffron Pilaf is a dish to die for! The Halal meat used in the dish falls off easily. 

As spicy as our Roganjosh looks, it is a perfect balance of taste, flavor, and aroma. It is not very hot and spicy and is ideal for the Western taste palate. An ideal dish for celebrations and events, you can bring home this dish on the days you are feeling low or if you want to enjoy a wholesome meal on a day when you are alone at home.

So rather than cooking at home by gathering all the ingredients on your own, just head to a Bombay Kitchen outlet and buy our convenient heat-and-eat packs of Roganjosh and enjoy in your comfort.

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