Light and Fresh Non-Veg Appetizers for Summer Parties

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The pleasant warm weather of summertime calls for some celebrations with family and loved ones while relishing refreshing coolers and some light and fresh non-veg appetizers. Read this blog to know about some of the best Indian non-veg dishes offered by Bombay Kitchen that add a touch of culinary delight to your ultimate summer party.

The arrival of summer means the start of fun-filled celebrations and joyful summer parties with friends, family, and loved ones. While the warmth of summer makes us crave refreshing coolers, the importance of food is also to be well observed during this season.
Food is an essential aspect in terms of health as well as happiness during those great summer parties that you host. When you serve a bunch of lip-smacking, non-veg appetizers alongside the delicious and refreshing summer coolers, the experience goes up a notch, and your guests indulge in them with the utmost happiness.
The flavors of Indian cuisine, as we know, offer a wide range of options that certainly spoil you for choice. Therefore, the perfect way to include the delightfulness of food in your summer party is by serving authentic Indian appetizers to your guests.

In this blog, we introduce you to some of the finest non-veg appetizers you can enjoy during the pleasant summer season with your favorite people. Read on to know about them.

The traditional appetizer of Indian cuisine that is loved by one and all, samosas are a treat to the taste buds. We at Bombay Kitchen bring you the very flavorful and delectable Chicken Samosa that adds that desi crunch to the exterior and bears the delightful fillings of sauteed chicken and aromatic spices. You can enjoy this delicious desi appetizer with your choice of cold or warm beverages.

Lamb samosa is another variant of the mouthwatering Indian appetizer. It comes with the meaty delightfulness of sauteed lamb and the intense flavors of traditional desi spices. As you bite through the crunchy exterior, you feel like you’re gradually traveling into the delectable filling as the melt-in-the-mouth lamb meat does wonders for your taste buds. Serve it in one of your summer gatherings and watch your guests crave more of this lip-smacking delicacy.

If you are looking for a dish that is perhaps one of the perfect summer party appetizers, Tandoori Lamb Chops is where your search ends. The oozing flavors of the juicy and tender lamb meat marinated with intensely flavorful spices are brought out by the delicate roasting of the meat on an open flame. All you need to do to add a touch of flavor to the experience is to serve it with some mint chutney. You and your guests will be mesmerized by the taste and the flavors of this extraordinary non-veg appetizer.

If you or your guests are fond of some Indo-Chinese culinary experiences, then we have got just the right dish for you. The utterly delicious Chicken 65 is one of the most loved non-vegetarian dishes. A spoonful of the boneless seasoned chicken pieces and the soul-satisfying zesty gravy is a treat to the taste buds and the soul alike. Chicken 65 is one of the best non-veg appetizers you can serve for your summer parties. 

The above-mentioned authentic, desi non-veg appetizers are a few of the numerous other delicacies we at Bombay Kitchen offer. If you are also hosting a gathering of friends and loved ones or planning a wonderful summer party, try these dishes and choose your favorites. You can visit a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet, grab all the dishes you want, and make your summer celebrations memorable.