Paneer Dishes

Lip-smacking Paneer dishes to Treat your Guests!

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When it comes to throwing a party for your loved ones and serving them some vegetarian delicacies, Paneer dishes are always a top favorite, and a range of mouthwatering Paneer dishes never fails to make people happy. So, in this blog, we bring you some of our famous delicacies prepared with Paneer.

The Indian festive season is very special to all the desi people around the world. It is a time when people indulge in limitless revelry and celebrate special occasions or festivals with their friends, families, and loved ones. However, amidst all the fun and frolic of the celebrations, one thing that remains the most essential and always takes center stage is delicious food. 

When it comes to food, perhaps nothing beats the variety and traditions that Indian cuisine offers. The specialty of Indian cooking is such that every spoonful of a dish makes people go ‘wow.’ Most of the time during the festive season, when we throw parties or host feasts, there happens to be a mix of guests who enjoy non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. So, to make things special for the vegetarians in your parties, all you need to do is serve them some delicious Paneer dishes, and the authentic flavors will surely melt their hearts.

In this blog, we bring Bombay Kitchen’s finest, most authentic, and mouthwatering Paneer dishes that will make your festive feasts memorable.   

When it comes to Paneer delicacies, Mattar Paneer is the first dish that comes to mind. This delightful delicacy is a favorite of almost everyone, and one cannot help but crave more right after having it for the first time. The delectable Paneer cubes and fresh green peas are cooked in a traditional sauce, and the irresistible flavors instantly make one fall in love with it. 

If there’s one melt-in-the-mouth Paneer delight, it is the amazingly flavorful Paneer Makhani. The rich, creamy sauce in which the paneer is cooked makes it one of the finest dishes to enjoy with Naans, Parathas, Chapatis, and rice. The velvety, rich gravy is so flavorful that once you or your guests try it, they will remember the taste forever and ask for more. 

A mouthwatering delicacy and the crown jewel of all Paneer dishes, Palak Paneer is a people’s favorite always, and this delightful dish undoubtedly stands above all. Moreover, it offers you the combination of the goodness of Spinach, the tenderness of the delectable Paneer, and the most flavorful, aromatic, traditional Indian spices that make this delicacy what it is. Palak Paneer is best enjoyed with Naans or Parathas, so make sure to serve your guests this dish with their choice of Indian bread and watch them drool over its irresistible aroma, taste, and flavors. 

The above-mentioned Paneer dishes are so authentic and tasty that your guests will keep asking for more once you serve them. The good news is that we offer these dishes in a ready-to-serve version. So, you can bid goodbye to cooking and buy the packs of the dishes you want, heat them, and they will be ready to be enjoyed. You can shop for these delicacies from a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet. If you cannot go out and get them, you can place your orders online, and our delivery services will ensure your orders reach your doorstep nationwide. We are available on Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub!