Make the most of your weekend with Biryani for lunch!

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Bombay Kitchen welcomes you to the world of Biryani varieties! The delicacy that became famous in India and has traveled around the world, with everyone giving it their unique flavors. Made with rice, meat, and spices, this mouth-watering dish is the center of attraction for every occasion and gathering. But we often wonder where the dish and the name come from. It originated in Iran and got its name from the Persian word Birian, meaning ‘fried before cooking.’ Much like its meaning, the long grains of rice are soaked in the water, fried with spices and meat, and cooked to enhance its divine taste before making it the core dish of the party.

Biryani’s Traditional and Cultural Significance

Biryani has been a part of cultural India and beyond for decades as a symbol of joy and togetherness. It is often associated with festivities and special occasions. Made with diverse variations across India, each adding its flavors to the beloved dish. Hyderabadi Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani, and Kolkata Biryani are India’s major regional biryani styles, each with distinct ingredients. 

Bombay Kitchen and the types of food variety and Biryanis

Bombay Kitchen has been in the food business for several decades, and we have always believed in providing you with the most excellent and highest-quality authentic Indian-flavored cuisine. We guarantee you will receive the greatest vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in our product range. Samosas, kababs, tea-time munchies, and many more are examples. But, among all of our specialties, our Biryanis stand out, and we’d like to share some information about them with you. Continue reading below to explore our magical list of types of Biryanis: 

Sauteed with onions and authentic Indian spices and layered with the best basmati rice, this boneless, tasty chicken biryani is a treat for your taste buds and your delicious food and flavor-craving souls. This beautiful and magical amalgamation of aromatic rice and flavorful chicken has been a part of Indian culture, festivities, and occasions for decades.

This Indian-cuisine delicacy is a delightful variation of the traditional famous biryani. The combination of marinated shrimp with simmered onions and Indian spices is a treat for seafood lovers. The preparation process of shrimp biryani could be the same as other meat biryani meals, but the perfection of a well-cooked shrimp and rice with side dishes like raita, salad, pickle, or even gravy makes it another one of the best lunch ideas.

A delightful combination of minced chicken with green peas well-seasoned and marinated with yogurt and spices, layered with the aromatic long grains of basmati rice, makes Chicken Kabab Biryani another well-combined lunch treat to enjoy the relaxing weekend. The unique texture of the kabab and the mouth-watering flavors of the yogurt and spices make every bite a celebration in itself. 

This classic meal is a well-balanced blend of boneless lamb, caramelized onions, and herbs like mint and cilantro, all seasoned with authentic Indian spices to make your gathering a memorable experience for all. It is generally marinated with yogurt and spices to impart a savory, spicy, and somewhat salty flavor, making it one of the most popular mixed rice dishes. It’s also a quick and easy supper to share with friends and family.

Biryani - A meal to enjoy togetherness on every occasion

Biryani is the one dish that’s always been a symbol of togetherness and love. It also adds a lot of traditional value to any gathering, celebration, or party. Biryani, as a delectable dish, is always a memorable occasion for the entire family, and the enthusiasm of the gathering makes it even more remarkable and the focus of attention. These reasons make biryani not only limited to the lazy weekends or holiday season but also a core delicacy for every special occasion.

Biryani for lunch or any other occasion is a party in a pot. Whether it’s a leisurely weekend or a special occasion, the mouthwatering tastes of rice, spices, and soft meat make every bite a delightful experience. It aspires to transform an ordinary lunch into an outstanding occasion to remember for a long time.

We at Bombay Kitchen bring you Biryanis, both fresh and in a ready-to-serve version. The authenticity of their taste and flavors is beyond expectations, and because you just have to buy them and heat them, there is no hassle for you to cook them. Therefore, as flavorful as it is, our Biryanis are also highly convenient. Visit the neighboring Bombay Kitchen outlet and pick up our heat-and-eat box of various types of biryanis.