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Make your Midday Break Flavorful with these Five Indian Snacks

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Indian snacks are not just a mere preference for tidbits but also emotionally attached to desi people all across the world. These crunchy, spicy, lip-smacking namkeens are the best companions almost constantly during the day. Read this blog, where we bring you five delicious snacks at Bombay Kitchen.

Indian cuisine never fails to enthrall us with its wide range of snacks, and almost all Indian people around the world are fond of the authentic, lip-smacking flavors of Indian snacks. Though these namkeens are consumed almost any time, the most intense craving for such delicious snacks usually occurs during midday. Now, during this hour, people mostly enjoy a few minutes of break time from their work, and instead of sitting idle for a while or taking a stroll all by itself, a much-preferred thing to do is munching on snacks either alone or with a group of colleagues or friends. 

As mentioned above, several highly popular snacks define the typical, authentic taste of India, and you cannot help but drool over their mouthwatering taste and flavors. Moreover, they are undoubtedly the perfect companions to keep you satisfied and full throughout the day as you munch along a handful of these whenever you are taking a break or brainstorming an idea at work. 

So, in this blog, we will tell you about five lip-smacking Indian snacks we offer in our product range, which will surely make you feel happy and instantly give you a sense of wholesome satisfaction!

A famous snack and a versatile one, Fine Sev is also widely used as a popular topping for various chaat dishes. So, apart from being a standalone delight, it is also a flavored snack. Prepared with fried Indian noodles made of chickpea flour and a seasoning of spices, Fine Sev is the perfect snack to munch on during your break time.

Here’s something for the spicy food lovers! As the name suggests, Extra Hot Mix is a spicy snack mix of different types of fried Indian snacks. It is not something a non-spicy food lover would perhaps like, but it is incredible and fulfills the need for extra spice flavors for the ones who want it. So if you are one of those people, don’t wait. Quickly grab a pack of this tasty snack and enjoy the fiery kick of flavors. 

If you are looking for a lighter snack option, Corn Chewda is where your search ends. It is a savory snack that is flavorful and rich in fiber. Seasoned with some traditional spices, these fried cornflakes are what you need when you are craving some quick tidbits or wish to indulge in a satisfying snacking session. It is one of those Indian snacks that will elevate your midday break time by tantalizing your taste buds with its mouthwatering flavors.

Are you a health-conscious foodie who loves to relish various snacks but also wishes to consume ones that are low in fat and healthy? If so, then Chewda Mix is your go-to option. Made with rice flakes, split gram peas, and spices, Chewda Mix is one of those Indian snacks that come with a satisfying blend of sweet, spicy, and salty flavors. A handful of this delightful snack is enough to turn on your cravings and fill your taste buds with heavenly satisfaction.

When we talk about Indian snacks, the inclusion of Bombay Mix is a must because it is a class apart. Prepared with a wide range of ingredients, such as red lentils, chickpeas, green peas, split gram peas, and many more, this delightful snack mix offers a blend of tangy and spicy flavors. If there can be one snack that truly defines the term ‘satisfying crunch,’ then Bombay Mix is the one. It is perhaps the most versatile, tasty, and flavorful snack to uplift your mood, make you feel full, and fill your soul with utmost satisfaction and delight.

The authentic desi snacks mentioned above are just a few of our wide range of numerous other desi namkeens that you can enjoy during your midday break time while relishing a cup of masala chai or watching your favorite movies or TV shows. All these authentic namkeens are freshly prepared, so if you are already excited to elevate your midday breaks with these lip-smacking tidbits, it is time you check them out and try them. These are readily available at your nearest grocery stores.