Non-vegetarian dishes to warm up your winter

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Winter is here, and it is time that we say goodbye to those sultry summer days, welcome the cold weather with our warm clothes, and enjoy it to the fullest with some delightful winter dishes. This blog brings you some mouthwatering non-vegetarian dishes that Bombay Kitchen offers. Read on to learn about these delicacies perfect for warming up your body this winter.

Spread some cheer, as your favorite season is here! Winter is that wonderful time of the year when laziness and food cravings go hand in hand. All we wish to do is stay wrapped up in blankets and relish some warm, delightful dishes. This season forces us to indulge in delicious non-vegetarian dishes that help keep us warm. Such delicacies surprisingly feel tastier during winter. 

The best part of winter is that it is a season of celebrations and multiple gatherings and brings along the much-awaited Holiday season. Therefore, during these times and occasions, the primary attraction is good, delicious food! So we can say it is the season to indulge in various delicacies because now is when you should. The wide range of non-vegetarian dishes available in Indian cuisine will spoil you for choice. You will never run out of options if you wish to enjoy a heartwarming and wholesome winter meal.

In this blog, we bring you some of the delicious, non-vegetarian delights that Bombay Kitchen offers. Learn about them and enjoy a food-filled winter season. 

Chicken 65

Loved by one and all, Chicken 65 is an Indo-Chinese dish that is flavorful and hard to resist. It is a popular delicacy fit for every kind of occasion, and people enjoy it wholeheartedly. The seasoned boneless chicken pieces, simmered in a spicy and zesty gravy, make it all the more delicious. It is one of the best non-vegetarian dishes that you can serve at a feast, and your guests will love every bite. 

Lamb Vindaloo 

A delicacy originating from the Southern parts of India, Lamb Vindaloo is a dish you can never say no to! The tender lamb meat and potatoes mixed with a range of flavorful spices give us a feeling of satisfaction that no other dish can! It feels even better to enjoy Lamb Vindaloo during the winter as lamb meat comprises excessive proteins and fat, keeping our bodies warm and our souls and taste buds delighted!

Lamb Roganjosh with Saffron Pilaf

A delightful dish that Indian cuisine offers, Lamb Roganjosh makes you happy every time you take a bite of this delicacy. The tender, seasoned lamb is cooked in a rich, creamy gravy. The taste is heavenly, and you will definitely lose yourself in a world of flavors. We at Bombay Kitchen bring you this dish in a heat and eat version, along with some flavorful Saffron Pilaf. Enjoy this delicacy with this saffron-flavored rice and savor a hearty winter meal.

Black Pepper Chicken

If you’re planning on hosting a winter feast with delectable desi foods, try out the mouthwatering Black Pepper Chicken, from our range of authentic Indian dishes. When you include this desi chicken delicacy on the menu, people ask for refills in no time as it is so very delicious.  

The aroma of black pepper is intense and enhances the flavors of whichever dish it is added to. Therefore, Black Pepper Chicken is one of those special winter non-vegetarian dishes you should try. You can have it with rotis, delicious naans, or rice, as per your choice. 

Chicken Curry with Cumin-infused Pilaf

There are a variety of delicious dishes that one can cook with chicken, but there is one particular recipe that people have always been extremely fond of. Do you think you know what that is? One of the most famous curry dishes, loved by almost every Indian worldwide, Chicken Curry, is one of the perfect winter foods you can ever have. It is a simple dish with flavors enthralling you right from the first bite. Even though cooking this dish is not much of a hassle, we still bring it to you in heat and eat version. So grab a pack and enjoy your favorite dish after heating it.

The authentic Indian non-vegetarian dishes mentioned above are just a few mouthwatering delicacies from our range of products. So if you are also a lover of such delights, head to a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and grab these dishes in heat and eat versions. All you have to do is buy them, heat them and then enjoy them to your heart’s content.