Ready-to-Eat Holiday Special Appetizers from Bombay Kitchen

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Make this Holiday Season a big celebration with irresistible Indian dishes from Bombay Kitchen. For your convenience, we bring you a variety of ready-to-heat holiday special lamb and chicken appetizers. Please read why our ready-to-heat special appetizers are so popular in the USA.

Chicken and lamb are the most popular meats in India, and hence, we can find the most popular Indian curries at restaurants made with them. Along with chicken and lamb curries, appetizers are another popular variety of meat dishes in India.

Who wouldn’t want crispy, fried, and spicy finger foods on lazy holidays while watching Christmas movies or a football match? With this article, you can choose any of the below-mentioned 5 lamb and chicken appetizers from Bombay Kitchen.

Our chicken and lamb appetizers come in ready-to-heat packs. You can just unbox them, heat them, and enjoy them with your favorite drink!

So, are you ready? Let’s look at the most delicious appetizers made with chicken and lamb that go beyond wings.

Chicken seekh kababs are juicy, flavorful Indian chicken appetizers that are popular in Indian street food culture. Ground chicken is flavored with Indian spices, then skewered and grilled to perfection. You can enjoy these kababs with green chutney or even wrap them up in tandoor roti or naan to make a frankie-style meal. Since chicken seekh kababs are crowd-pleasers, offer these to your guests during your holiday get-togethers, and you will be the party star!

2. Chicken Shami Kabab

When it comes to succulent chicken appetizers especially made with minced chicken, Shami kababs win your heart! Filled with various spices and chana dal, Bombay Kitchen’s Shami kababs are quick and easy-to-enjoy snacks. We are sure you will keep coming back for more, as this Mughalai dish will fulfill the cravings if you are a true non-vegetarian lover. Usually, you can serve Shami kababs with a variety of chutneys and dips, along with chapati or naan. Still, you can also try the famous Indian combination of kababs with mint-coriander chutney, sliced onions, and a wedge of lemon.

Chicken chapli kabab, sometimes referred to as Peshawari Kababs, are prepared with completely tender minced chicken. Chapli kababs come in a flat disc shape, sometimes resembling the famous Indian patty-shaped tikki. Chicken chapli kababs are the perfect party-specific chicken appetizers for your barbecue nights during the holidays.

Crispy from the outside and soft from the inside, our chicken samosas are the best kickstart to your holidays, along with a warm cup of tea or coffee in the evening! Not just for tea time, these samosas can be enjoyed at your house parties or even served as a side dish for your weekend meals. The minced chicken is spiced well, which surely tickles your taste buds and makes you crave it more. These deliciously spicy and savory Indian street snacks are prepared with recipes from India, letting you enjoy their authentic taste without investing any money on the tickets to India.

If you are craving Indian lamb appetizers, our sizzling, marinated lamb chops epitomize a part of authentic Mughal cuisine! Lamb chops are a sophisticated but simple lamb appetizer made with lamb and authentic Indian spices that bring warmth during chilled holidays. We have packed these beautiful lamb chops in our heat-and-eat pack! Once you heat these chops at home, put them on the plate, squeeze some lemon juice, and enjoy with onion slices. So, just be prepared with these two things, and you are good to enjoy this appetizer.

Bring home the best meat appetizers from Bombay Kitchen today!

You are at the right spot if you are looking for the most delicious meat appetizers, such as those mentioned above. Bombay Kitchen is known for bringing the authentic taste of India with its complete collection of meat dishes made with Halal meat.

You need not worry about taste and quality because we take complete care of your health by serving the highest quality ingredients in our dishes.

All you need to do this Holiday Season is get out of bed, visit the nearest Bombay Kitchen, fill your cart with your favorite heat, eat packs of appetizers, and bring them home!