Non-Vegetarian Dishes for Father’s Day

Ready-to-Eat Indian Non-Vegetarian Dishes for Father’s Day

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On the beautiful occasion of Father’s Day, treat your dear Dad to some mouthwatering, desi non-vegetarian dishes and give him a culinary surprise like never before. Read this blog, where we suggest some of the delicacies you can get from Bombay Kitchen in a ready-to-eat version.

We always regard our Fathers as our heroes, the ones we look up to in every aspect of our lives. From being our sole protector, an individual who shapes our lives to a great extent, to being the one in whose arms love and comfort are infinite. It always runs around our minds to try and do something for our dear ‘old man’ that will make him immensely happy. So, what better occasion than Father’s Day to do so?

What is Father’s Day, and how can you celebrate it? 

Every year, on the third Sunday of June, we celebrate Father’s Day. As the name suggests, it is a day to honor our incredible Fathers, who are the first and major guides in our lives. While there are numerous ways to celebrate this day, food is one such thing that never fails to steal the show. 

After all, delicious dishes are the way to the hearts, and a culinary surprise for your Dad is a great present for Father’s Day. However, it is also important to ensure that you spend a lot of quality time with your Father on this day instead of spending all the time cooking his favorite dishes in the kitchen. So what do you do to avoid the hard work? 

Ready-to-eat dishes – The Saviors of Time and Torchbearers of Authentic Flavors!

When it comes to achieving maximum flavors with minimal impact, ready-to-eat dishes serve as the sole heroes in the kitchen. Bombay Kitchen, the most trusted Indian food brand, is highly reputed for its ready-to-eat delicacies that save you time and come with the most authentic and traditional flavors. So all you have to do is buy the dishes you want and heat them. Within minutes, you can lay the table with a spread of some of the finest desi delicacies. 

In this blog, we bring you some of our ready-to-eat non-vegetarian dishes that will surely elevate your Father’s Day celebrations and satisfy your Dad’s cravings for desi delicacies. Scroll down to know about them!

Chicken Curry with Cumin-infused Pilaf

To start off the perfect Father’s Day dinner, serve your Dad the all-time favorite and traditional desi Chicken dish, the mouthwatering Chicken Curry. But wait, we bring you this dish alongside some Cumin-infused Pilaf in the same pack. So, it is nothing short of a wholesome, heavenly meal with the mouthwatering combination of flavorful basmati rice and seasoned chicken served in a zesty, rich gravy. 

If your dad is fond of extra spicy flavors, then Chicken Tikka Masala might be a super choice for Father’s Day. The marinated chicken pieces are simmered in a traditionally spiced sauce, and it is one of the fiery Chicken delicacies that you can serve, especially to spicy food lovers. This dish tastes best when paired with Naans, Parathas, or Chapatis. Some people also prefer to enjoy it with a hearty spoonful of rice. So see what your dad prefers, and give him the ultimate spicy surprise.

A dish that consists of the goodness of delectable, marinated boneless Chicken, vegetables, and spices, Kadai Chicken is one of the most fulfilling and hearty delights for Father’s Day. The chicken is stir-fried on an Indian wok or, as we call it, kadai, along with vegetables and traditional spices, then simmered well in the curry that comes out of the mix. The intense aroma of the spices and the desi flavors and taste instantly enthrall the taste buds and make one fall in love with it in no time.

Last but not least, and a favorite of almost every foodie across the world, Butter Chicken is a mesmerizing delicacy and is also closely associated with Indian culinary heritage. This creamy Chicken delight is considered one of the comfort foods in all seasons and is widely enjoyed by people all over the world with a pairing of Naans, Parathas, or Chapatis. The x-factor of this dish is none other than its authentic, traditional buttery gravy that woos your taste buds within minutes.

The above-mentioned Chicken delicacies are just a few of the various other options that we have in our product range. You can get these dishes and check out the rest to choose your favorites because we bring them all to you in a ready-to-eat version. So shop for them from a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet nearest to you and treat your dad to a wide range of desi delicacies on this beautiful occasion of Father’s Day.