Frozen foods you should stock

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We are all very busy these days, running around from here and there, always in a hurry! Thus, we tend to yearn for those things that make our lives convenient. As time is precious, nothing seems better and more convenient than food that comes in the form of ready to eat meals. Yes, you read that right! Read this blog to learn about some frozen foods from Bombay Kitchen that make cooking easier and why you should stock them in your fridge.

The festive season is here, and we are all busy with our daily lives, which restricts us from taking part in other time-consuming tasks such as cooking. But when it is time to celebrate a festival, you must invite guests to your house to enjoy and have fun, right?

Thus, in a situation when you’re hosting a get-together of friends and loved ones, food is an important part. After all, food serves as the center of attraction at any party or gathering. But, when will you spend time with your guests if most of the time you’re busy cooking some delicious dishes for them? 

Cooking Indian dishes from scratch, as we know, is a tedious task keeping in mind all the spices, condiments, and procedures one must follow. Especially when you have to cook several dishes for many people, it becomes incredibly tiring to cook. So is there a way to cut down the cooking time and enjoy the party while also serving your guests some mouthwatering delights?

Yes, and the easiest option is to stock up on some flavorful, ready to eat meals of Indian cuisine that come in the form of frozen food in your fridge. It is beneficial to have some of these pre-made meals because all you have to do is heat them, and within minutes, the delicious dishes will be ready! 

In this blog, we bring you a wide variety of ready to eat Indian meals offered by Bombay Kitchen that make your life easier and with the help of which you spend lesser time in the kitchen. Keep scrolling to learn about them. 


Every feast or celebration must begin with some tasty snacks. But if you’re serving your guests a feast comprising authentic Indian dishes, then samosa is something you should start with. You will fall in love with it right at the first go when you bite into the crunchy covering and experience the heavenly flavors of the fillings. Moreover, it serves as a wonderful starter as a snack that one can enjoy thoroughly with tea or coffee. We at Bombay Kitchen bring you the absolute lip-smacking Potato and Peas Samosa, Chinese Samosa, Chicken Samosa, and Lamb Samosa in the form of ready to eat meals. So serve these flavorful delights to your guests and enjoy your party!


When kababs are served, faces lighten up with bright smiles just by looking at those delectable and heavenly melt-in-the-mouth treats. We know it is challenging to make kababs at home and, at the same time, get the most authentic flavors. But you need not worry. All you have to do is choose your favorites from our product range that comprises Chicken Seekh Kabab, Chicken Chapli Kabab, and many more. Just get them, and you will be spared from the excessively time-consuming task of cooking it all. Our kababs are ready to eat, so all you have to do is just buy them, heat them and serve them! Watch as your guests keep asking more and more once they experience the authentic taste.


The flavors of tandoor are hard to resist, and once you start eating such dishes, you keep craving more! It is always better to store some tandoori-influenced dishes in your fridge as frozen foods. We at Bombay Kitchen bring you some authentic tandoori dishes that will make you lose yourself in the heavenly taste. Delicious delights include Tandoori Spinach Chicken with Cumin Infused Pilaf, Tandoori Lamb Chops, etc., and you will be spoilt for choice about how many options we have for you. Head to a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet or grocery store, and you can buy these and store them in your fridge and heat them when needed.  


Even if your idea of stocking up on food is fixated on a particular cuisine, that is, Indian, a change of regional flavors will add more color to the variety of options you have for serving your guests. Keeping the same in mind, we offer you the very delicious southern flavors of Vindaloo. A typical South Indian concept, Vindaloo is delicious, and people love to savor this dish worldwide. 

Bombay Kitchen brings you two excessively flavorful dishes, Chicken Vindaloo and Lamb Vindaloo, as ready to eat meals, so don’t worry about cooking them. Heat them just before serving, and enjoy the authentic and tropical flavors of these South Indian dishes with your friends, family, and loved ones. 


A feast that boasts delicacies of Indian cuisine is never complete without the presence of mouthwatering curries. After all, we can never deny the happiness we experience while enjoying the curries with a handful of rice or other Indian bread like chapati or naans. We have a wide range of curries available for you in the form of frozen foods that are ready to eat meals. You can choose from products such as Goan Shrimp Curry, Coconut Lamb Curry, Shrimp Curry with Mustard Seed Infused Pilaf, Chicken Curry with Cumin Infused Pilaf, and many more. Moreover, these curries are all gluten-free, so that’s another reason why you should try them out.

The ready to eat meals mentioned above serve as some of the best frozen foods because they come with the utmost authentic flavors and are 100% fresh. On top of that, your life becomes easier if you get these delicacies. The cooking time is cut short to a great deal, and you get to enjoy the get-togethers or parties you host. All you have to do is visit a nearby grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet and get these delightful dishes available as ready to eat meals! Stock these delicacies in your fridge and bring them out to serve yourself or your guests after heating them for some time. You will be mesmerized by these dishes’ utmost authenticity and flavorful taste. Get them soon and enjoy your favorite dishes.