5 Reasons You Should Have More Pav Bhaji

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Desi’s all around the world love Pav Bhaji! Want to know why? Keep reading this blog to find out! 

Rarely will you find any one dish that is so iconic that it pleases the whole country with its mesmerizing flavors. Some good examples of such dishes in Indian cuisine include biryani, samosa, gulab jamun, and a few more that are loved by every desi. Pav Bhaji is one such dish.

It is the pride of Mumbai and one of the most loved dishes in India. Pav Bhaji will please every soul that gets to enjoy it.But what makes it so special? Let’s find out!

Here are five reasons you should definitely be having more of Pav Bhaji!

It’s an original dish from Mumbai

The origin of Pav Bhaji and the reason it was made is quite unique. During the 1860s, the street vendors near the Bombay Stock Exchange wanted to offer the local traders a delicious and satisfying quick lunch. That’s when they decided to mix all the amazing ingredients like potatoes, peas, capsicum, carrot, tomatoes, herbs and spices they had to make a mixed curry and serve it with laadi pav (Indian bread roll), which later turned into the famously known Pav Bhaji. Today, Pav Bhaji is much more than just a quick meal or just popular street food. It’s a celebratory delicacy, a weekend plan, a must-have during get-togethers, and much more.

It is loaded with many healthy ingredients

The recipe for Pav Bhaji asks for many healthy ingredients like potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, peas, onions, tomatoes, chilli, garlic, ginger, cilantro, lime, etc. It also has many herbs and spices that enhance the flavors of these vegetables. All these ingredients come together in harmony to make this healthy and spicy snack.

It really fills you up

One of the main reasons people really loved this dish was because it really fills you up. Pav Bhaji is made with ingredients potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and also has butter that fills you up and gives you a fulfilling meal. That’s why it was considered a quick lunch fix during the 1860s. So if you’re planning to have a weekend meal with only Pav Bhaji, then you won’t need to add any other dish to the mix to complete the meal.

It will always please you

Every recipe of Pav Bhaji is packed with amazing vegetables, flavors spices, and refreshing herbs that boost the flavor. Every bite or spoonful of this amazing dish will be a blast of lip-smacking flavors in your mouth. So if someone ever questions you, ‘what is Pav Bhaji?’ or ‘why does Pav Bhaji taste so good?’, then you know what you have to say. This should also help you introduce others to the wonderful flavors of this Indian fast food!

It can be served on every occasion

Are you looking for a delicious frozen lunch that you can quickly heat up at work today? Or perhaps want to have an amazing feast with your family over the weekend? Maybe you also have guests coming over and want to impress them with some Indian street food. Pav Bhaji is the best and most popular snack you can have in such cases. It’s also a great dish to serve during a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or festive celebration. And if you’re planning to please someone else then Pav Bhaji is definitely the best vegetarian snacks you can get.

Where to get it from?

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