Satisfy your cravings with these lip-smacking midnight snacks!

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Do you consider yourself a night owl and prefer to work or stay up late at night? Then, we’re sure you also need some midnight snacks to give you company. This blog brings you some of the most authentic and crunchy Indian snacks that Bombay Kitchen brings you and that make your late-night snacking sessions more enjoyable.

Winter is a time when food cravings rise to a great extent. The cold winter winds make you crave some delightful delicacies, and it is indeed hard to resist. Indian cuisine boasts a wide range of lip-smacking snacks, the flavors of which will enthrall your taste buds. 

These tasty and crunchy snacks are the perfect delights to munch on while you spend wakeful nights working. Bombay Kitchen offers a wide variety of 100% authentic Indian namkeens that are ideal midnight snacks to tickle your taste buds. 

In this blog, we bring you some of these namkeens that Bombay Kitchen offers. Read on to learn about them. 

Amdavadi Mix

If you love sweet and savory trail mix snacks, then Amdavadi Mix is the ideal choice. This Gujarati-style namkeen comprises various ingredients such as cashews, tree nuts, etc., and it is one of the most wholesome midnight snacks you’ll ever have.

African Chewda

African Chevda is another trail mix from Bombay Kitchen, but this tasty savory snack mix contains ingredients like flattened rice, tree nuts, and potato sticks. The flavors are enthralling and if you serve this namkeen during a family or friends’ gathering, be prepared to keep on going for refills because it won’t take long for people to finish it.

Black Pepper Cashew

Cashews are all-time favorite snacks for Indians worldwide, and people love to enjoy them. We at Bombay Kitchen bring you Cashews in different flavors, but our very special Black Pepper Cashew is something you must try. Be it during the evening with some tea and coffee with your family or when you need to work till late at night, Black Pepper Cashew is the perfect snack to enjoy.

Dal Moth

There’s something very deliciously appealing about the authentic and traditional Indian snack, Dal Moth. Bombay Kitchen brings you this fantastic namkeen that makes you happy right from the first handful. The fried moong beans and chickpea flour tickle our taste buds like anything, and it is difficult to resist indulging in this delightful snack quite frequently. Dal Moth is one of the finest midnight snacks if you wish to keep yourself up during the night. Munching on this flavorful delicacy will make you forget about sleep and make it hard for you to resist savoring its taste and flavors.

Extra Hot Mix

Spicy food is not for everyone! But for the ones who are fond of spicy dishes, Extra Hot Mix is the snack, particularly for them! A mix of traditional Indian snacks, Extra Hot Mix, is fried and filled with various spices that will make you feel warm right from the first spoonful! But, even if you’re not fond of spicy dishes, this particular snack is worth a try. And, if you are worried about not being able to handle the spice, simply have it at night with some coffee to balance the attack of spices in your mouth, and you’ll enjoy it to your heart’s content. 

The authentic Indian special midnight snacks mentioned above are delightful and will make you crave more and more! You can quickly get these lip-smacking namkeens from a Bombay Kitchen outlet or grocery store near you. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, stock up on these heartwarming and heavenly delights, and enjoy an excellent midnight snack session!