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Six Delicious Indian Dishes From Bombay Kitchen’s Catering

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Bombay Kitchen’s catering services are highly reputed and known for casting the spell of Desi culinary heritage by serving a vast spread of Indian cuisine dishes at parties and events. Read this blog, where we tell you more about our exceptional services and a few special dishes from the catering menu that you can choose for your parties!

Indian cuisine’s culinary richness lies in its wide variety of dishes, where almost every delicacy has a different tale of taste, flavors, and tradition associated with it. Devouring desi food is an experience that fills your soul with bliss and makes you happy and satisfied. 

When there is a party, get-together, occasion, or event, delicious food plays an important role in bringing people together. Besides adding a touch of satisfaction and fulfillment, food gets people to indulge in conversation and laughter and enjoy shared experiences. Whether it is the intense aroma of desi spices that fills the air or the finely presented flavorful dishes on the table, good food evokes many emotions and creates long-lasting memories by turning celebrations into something extraordinary.  

So, when it comes to serving 100% authentic Indian food to the guests at your parties, Bombay Kitchen Catering stands as an example of excellence. We offer a wide range of desi dishes with their unique flavors, and our exceptional services leave a lasting impression on the patrons in every event we cater to. From lip-smacking appetizers to main course delicacies, our catering serves it all!  

In this blog, we are going to tell you about six special Indian cuisine dishes that our catering services offer. Read about them, and maybe you will choose them as part of the perfect menu for your next party!

To start the ride of various flavors at a party, the choice of appetizers plays an important role. So, Seekh Kabab, being one of the most popular Indian appetizers, is one option that will surely be the dish people crave frequently. This traditional dish is prepared with minced lamb meat and, after finely mixing with several aromatic spices, is skewered to perfection on a grill. Every bite guarantees the warmth of smoky flavors and the heavenly taste of tender lamb meat.

The star dish of almost every party, Tandoori Lamb Chops, is a foodies’ favorite. The sliced and marinated Lamb rack is cooked on an open flame as the air fills with the intense aroma of tandoor and then served hot. Your guests will be enchanted and amazed by the perfect blend of tender meat and equally flavorful traditional spices. If you are throwing a party, this dish is one of our definitive appetizer recommendations!

Associated with the rich history of Indian cuisine for centuries, Chicken Haleem is a traditional delicacy rich in nutrients, taste, and flavors. The major ingredients, such as lentils, wheat, barley, etc., make it a fulfilling dish. If you are curious, it is regarded as one of the most commonly eaten dishes during the month of Ramadan, especially during the time of Suhoor, which is right before the break of dawn. It is considered a heavy dish that helps you keep going through the day till you break your fast after sundown. So, in your Iftar feasts or any other occasion, let your guests enjoy our Chicken Haleem and satisfy their cravings as they enjoy this wholesome delight.

When discussing authentic desi dishes, the all-time favorite and the most widely enjoyed Chicken Curry can never be missed. A popular dish relished by Indians in almost every corner of the world, the inclusion of Chicken Curry in your party menu not only gives the guests a chance to try it out but also works as a time machine of flavors for your Indian mates living in the USA when every spoonful reminds them of their traditional roots and home-cooked dishes.

Biryani, in all its varieties, is loved by people all around the world. So, when you throw a party that is supposed to have Indian food, you can never go wrong with the choice of Biryani. Our catering services offer a few different Biryanis that you can choose from, but we recommend our special Lamb Biryani. As you relish one spoonful after another of this dish, the delectably boneless lamb meat, the aroma of the spices, and the enticing flavors of the long grain Basmati rice will give you and your guests nothing short of an unforgettable Biryani experience.

There are certain dishes that cannot be missed from a menu full of Indian dishes, and that delicacy is Chicken Biryani. One of the most common dishes that is a source of comfort and happiness and is associated with many other emotions for Indians all around, Chicken Biryani is the dish that your guests will make sure to try out at your party. The boneless chicken and flavorful spices add a touch of traditional authenticity to this dish, and you cannot help but go wow every other second while you enjoy it to your heart’s content.

The above-mentioned mouthwatering Indian cuisine dishes will surely enhance the mood of your parties and gatherings. So, if you also wish to make your guests experience the true magic of authentic Indian food, let Bombay Kitchen’s catering services take care of the food. We are committed to excellence, and our quality remains so in every event we cater to. We also let you choose your dishes and customize your menu as you wish, so all you need to do is visit a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet to get more details. Visit us today, and let us make your parties and gatherings nothing short of a resounding success every time!