Indian Non-Veg Appetizers

Spice up your House Parties with these Indian Non-Veg Appetizers

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When you throw a house party, besides the fun and frolic of the gathering, something that brings more joy into it is food. A platter of mouthwatering appetizers keeps the party going as they fill your guests with delight. Read this blog, where we bring four tantalizing Indian non-veg appetizers from Bombay Kitchen’s product range that you can include in your party menu.

House parties are something we always look forward to, and it is amazing to enjoy it with the people you love! There are numerous ways to brighten up a house party in the sense that you can enjoy rounds and rounds of board games with your friends or dance throughout the night with your loved ones, and there is a never-ending list of things to do to keep it all lively. But out of all this, the most necessary element that is equally important on such special occasions is none other than delicious food.  

When it comes to food, especially for parties, we usually think of appetizers because people enjoy delicacies while they indulge in the revelry of the activities at the party. So, this is where the thought of desi food comes into play because of its wide variety. However, regardless of its vastness, there are a few traditional Indian non-veg appetizers that almost everyone loves, and these dishes are sure to make you and your guests drool over their unique flavors and traditional taste. 

In this blog, we will tell you about four mouthwatering Indian non-veg appetizers that will add the joy of culinary bliss to your house party and leave your guests impressed, satisfied, and happy! Scroll down to read about them.

An appetizer that makes you go wow just by its intense aroma, Chicken Chapli Kabab will leave you spellbound with every bite. The intricately and flavorfully seasoned hand-stretched Chicken patty is all you need to treat your guests to the authentic desi masala flavors. Though we offer frozen Chicken Chapli Kabab, we guarantee no compromise in the authenticity of taste, flavors, aroma, and feel of this lip-smacking delicacy.

Another mouthwatering Indian non-veg appetizer with Chicken patty is the centuries-old traditional Chicken Shami Kabab. The historic flavors of this delicious dish never fail to mesmerize our taste buds and make us crave more. The exotic herbs and spices that go into its preparation make Chicken Shami Kabab one of the most special delicacies you can never resist craving. It is a delightful dish to include in your house party menu because your guests will love it!

Now that you know about two of our special Chicken appetizers, let us move on to two delicious Lamb appetizers we offer.

If you wish to serve a wholesome appetizer to your guests at the house party, we recommend you try our wonderful, drool-worthy, delicious Tandoori Lamb Chops. This dish is nothing short of a heavenly experience in every bite, and you will start craving it right at first sight. The delectable, tender meat of the sliced rack of Lamb is marinated with several traditional aromatic spices and cooked well for a good time on an open flame. So unless you try it and make your guests try it, you can only imagine the satisfaction it adds to your taste buds and soul.

The torchbearer of Indian non-veg appetizers, Seekh Kabab, is always a showstopper at house parties because people relish its authentic flavors wholeheartedly. The masterfully minced lamb meat is mixed with flavorful and aromatic spices, skewered to perfection, and cooked in a traditional oven. This dish will always make your guests happy and elevate your house party.  

The above-mentioned Indian non-veg appetizers will surely add a touch of flavor and a mouthwatering taste to your house party feast. Interestingly, we offer you these appetizers in a ready-to-eat version so you can avoid the hassle of cooking them and instead enjoy the party. All you need to do is get these dishes from a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet near you, heat them, and they will be ready to serve hot within minutes. We also offer seamless delivery services anywhere across the nation, so you can place your orders on Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub, and we will ensure that these products reach your doorstep.