Spice up your parties with the best non-veg dishes from Bombay Kitchen!

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A wide spread of authentic, desi, and non-veg dishes makes every dinner party special. People love the flavors and taste of Indian food and simply cannot resist the temptation once such delicious dishes are served. In this blog, we bring you some of the best non-veg dishes Bombay Kitchen offers, which you can include in your gatherings and dinner party menu.

The magic of Indian cuisine lies in its wide variety of flavors, and the food is irresistibly delicious. A spread of mouthwatering desi delights never fails to bring a smile to those about to experience a heavenly world of mesmerizing flavors.

This cuisine has numerous veg and non-veg delicacies, but in this blog, we will focus only on some of the non-veg food items. But before that, we must know the secret behind the uniqueness of Indian food! Well, that is none other than the authentic and traditional Indian spices. These spices bring the traditional flavors and authentic taste to the dishes, thereby making Indian food so special.

So when you host a special gathering of friends and loved ones, a gala dinner, or a simple house party, one of the essential things to care about is food, and we must choose the right dishes to include in the menu for a wholesome and heartwarming meal.      

The variety of non-veg food is plenty in Indian cuisine, as mentioned earlier, and one will surely get spoiled for choice. But in this blog, we bring you five ready-to-serve products that we think are the best non-veg dishes you must try and let your loved ones enjoy too. So scroll down and know about these delights!

The delightfulness of delectable minced meat

There are several Chicken dishes in Indian cuisine that are loved by one and all worldwide. But, one of the most famous and relished delicacies out of these is the delectably flavorful Chicken Keema. We bring this delicious dish with melt-in-the-mouth minced meat and green peas seasoned with authentic spices. It is a treat to the taste buds when enjoyed with flavorful Naans such as Garlic Naan, Coriander Naan, parathas, and chapati.

The main course dish that upholds the Indian culinary heritage

A traditional dish of Indian cuisine that has been there for centuries since the Mughal era, Lamb Korma, is one of the best non-veg dishes that proves to be the finest delicacy every time you include it in your party menu. The delectably flavorful and tender Lamb meat marinated with various authentic spices tastes delicious with the cashew-based creamy gravy. You can serve it to your guests with Indian bread or, perhaps, with Chicken Biryani or Lamb Biryani. Lamb Korma is one of those dishes that you may call the delight of the non-veg lover.

The pair of dishes make a heavenly, flavorful combo

Bombay Kitchen offers you one of the finest, most wholesome combo meals you can ever have. This pair comprises the rich, flavorful, and traditional Lamb Roganjosh and Saffron-infused Pilaf. The pure basmati rice infused with the rich flavors of saffron, the lamb meat cooked until delectably tender and well-mixed with spices, and the togetherness of these two delights makes this combo so heartwarming to relish together.

The delightful surprise for a biryani lover

Biryani is a delicacy that is loved beyond boundaries by almost everyone across the world. But, if you or your family, loved ones, or friends are exceptionally fond of seafood, then this variant of the traditional Biryani offered by Bombay Kitchen is the dish you need to have. The utterly mouthwatering Shrimp Biryani, as the name suggests, is a unique take on the traditional forms of Biryani. This delicacy will undoubtedly be one of the best main course ideas for your next dinner party if you wish to serve your guests something with a twist. 

The desi non-veg dishes mentioned above are only a few of our several other varieties. The best thing about our products is that we offer them to you primarily in the most authentic version and in ready-to-serve, heat-and-eat versions so you can skip the hassle of cooking and enjoy the parties you host. All you have to do is head to a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet near you and get all your favorite dishes, or you can also place your orders. Our seamless nationwide delivery services will ensure that your products reach right at your doorstep anywhere across the country. All you have to do is order from us through DoorDash, GrubHub, or Uber Eats!