Vegetarian Dishes

Tempting Vegetarian Dishes That Even Meat-Lovers Can’t Turn Down!

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Amidst the wide variety of mouthwatering desi delicacies, numerous non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes exist. This blog will tell you about four intensely tempting vegetarian delicacies from Bombay Kitchen that leave even the staunchest non-vegetarians mesmerized and craving more. Read on to know about these delicacies! 

The vast Indian cuisine is nothing short of a treasure chest holding a wide range of authentic, flavorful, and traditional delicacies that leave us in awe with their irresistible taste. These lip-smacking delights are categorized under non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. So, in a party or gathering, when dishes from both these sections are served, the hot and sizzling non-vegetarian delicacies often steal the culinary spotlight, and precisely, meat-lovers are there in plenty, so by a majority, this is what happens.

But what if we tell you that some lip-smacking Indian vegetarian dishes can potentially woo even the most devout meat eaters with their authentic, traditional flavors and taste? Yes, you read that right! Out of the wide variety of delicious vegetarian dishes, there are a few very special delicacies that captivate you instantly and make you experience the perfect hearty meal without meat. 

Read this blog to know about these extraordinarily delicious and highly popular vegetarian dishes that we at Bombay Kitchen offer. Get ready because these delicious dishes will indeed cast a spell on you! 

The perfect dish for the kind of Indian foodie who loves an intense essence of spices, Black Pepper Chicken is a mouthwatering delicacy. It stands out for its authentic flavors as the delectably tender and marinated Chicken cubes are cooked and served in a rich, intensely aromatic gravy based on pepper. Each bit of this spicy Chicken dish is a harmonious blend of fiery essence and heavenly tender meat. You can enjoy it with rice, chapati, parathas, or Naans.

Paneer is one the most versatile ingredients when it comes to delicious desi vegetarian food, and thus, there are several dishes that you can prepare with it. One of them you just read, and here’s another one that has gained endless popularity over the decades of its presence in Indian cuisine. That dish is none other than the people’s favorite, Paneer Makhani. The rich and creamy sauce in which the Paneer cubes are cooked serves heartfelt delight to the taste buds, and when you pair it with some flavorful Naans or Parathas, the experience is doubled, leaving you spellbound and speechless after a perfect meal. 

One of the most traditional Indian vegetarian dishes and an integral part of the rich culinary heritage of desi cuisine, Chole never fails to win your heart. The tender and delectable Chickpeas swim in a pool of a rich gravy prepared with sauteed onions, tomatoes, and authentic desi spices. Every spoonful of this dish makes you crave more, and when you serve it to your guests at a feast or gathering, this delicacy steals the show every time. 

Eggplant Bharta, or Baingan Bharta as it is also known, is a favorite and common vegetarian dish in almost every Indian household worldwide. The spicy and smoky flavors of the roasted eggplant doubles up with the mixture of tomatoes, sauteed onions, and intensely aromatic and flavorful desi spice seasonings. It is such a dish that the moment you have the first spoonful, you will instantly get transported back to your roots and the traditional taste of homemade food. Eggplant Bharta pairs best with Parathas and Chapatis!  

The above-mentioned desi vegetarian dishes will pause your meat cravings for a while, as they will make you wish to try more and more of the available veggie delights. We bring you these dishes in a ready-to-serve version, so all you have to do is buy them from a grocery store or Bombay Kitchen outlet near you, heat them, and serve hot to enjoy the rich flavors and taste with your family and friends! You can order these dishes from a nearby Bombay Kitchen outlet through the Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub delivery apps and receive the products at your doorstep!