Chicken Haleem

The Story of Chicken Haleem – Origin and Facts!

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The variety of dishes introduced to Indian cuisine by the Mughals is vast, and there are numerous delicacies that we all love. However, there is one dish that is very closely related to the Mughal culinary heritage, and that is the very delicious Chicken Haleem. In this blog, we will discuss the origin and lesser-known facts about this mouthwatering dish.

During the holy month of Ramadan, after the day-long fast, people sit for a wholesome and fulfilling feast known as Iftar. A wide range of dishes are always served during the Iftar feast. Still, keeping up with the old legacy, the very tasty and nutritious Chicken Haleem is an essential inclusion in the post-prayer meal menu. Even though it is a special dish during Ramadan, Haleem is also widely enjoyed throughout the year.

Even though Haleem was introduced to India through the Mughlai cuisine, its origin traces back to the Arabian lands, where it is prepared with meat, ghee, whole pulses, wheat, etc. This dish was brought to Hyderabad, India, through Iran and Afghanistan during the Mughal period. Since then, Haleem has become an integral part of the Hyderabadi kitchen. The perfect addition of some traditional desi spices and other ingredients brought an authentic taste to this dish, which became famous as Hyderabadi Haleem.

What makes Chicken Haleem an iconic dish is its significant cooking process. This dish is traditionally cooked on ‘Bhattis,’ meaning ovens made of bricks and mud. It is a delicacy that requires slow-cooking for over a period of seven to eight hours on firewood to bring out its authentic flavors. Besides the traditional cooking process, ingredients such as meat, whole spices, barley, and pulses must be mashed, preferably using a masher, because these ingredients add an authentic taste to the dish. Ghee is an essential ingredient of Haleem, and without pure ghee, the whole dish is incomplete.

Now that you know of the ingredients and traditional cooking process of Chicken Haleem let us tell you about its nutritional benefits. The content of ghee in Haleem makes it a dish relatively high in calories which is why it is considered the perfect dish to break the day’s fast. Moreover, the presence of meat and lentils makes Haleem a dish loaded with proteins that helps in building muscle and staying strong. Haleem is also rich in carbohydrates and works amazingly as an energy booster to replenish the depleted energy in our bodies.      

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