The Top 5 Snacks by Bombay Kitchen to Satisfy Cravings

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Snacking is an all-time favorite activity of Indians worldwide, and every occasion is made special when there are different Indian snacks to be had. In this blog, we bring you the top 5 lip-smacking vegetarian snacks for satisfying cravings and for serving your guests during a gathering.

Indian cuisine boasts a wide variety of snack foods, and numerous options are available if you wish to choose from them. But what makes these desi snacks such an integral part of our lives? Well, the primary reason is that authentic desi namkeens taste heavenly, and secondly, snacks are often saviors that we use for the purpose of satisfying cravings that may occur anytime during the day.

Besides helping in satisfying cravings with their authentic flavors and taste, Indian snacks also help spice up a gathering of friends, a movie or game night with family and loved ones, or even make our teatime a blissful experience. After all, who would not prefer to indulge in some crispy, desi namkeens while sipping on a hot cup of masala chai? Therefore, snacks are a boon to Indians worldwide.

Read this blog to know about some of the special Indian snacks that Bombay Kitchen brings offers you.


Made with chickpea flour, Sev is basically deep-fried crunchy strands. When you suddenly feel hungry while working late at night, this snack is your way to go. A handful of this lip-smacking delight is enough to make you feel good and complete.

A deep-fried crispy snack of Indian cuisine, Gathia is loved by everyone. One of the most delicious snacks filled with the authentic flavors of Indian spices, Gathia is the perfect dish suitable as a snacking option for any occasion. People love to indulge in this lip-smacking delight as its excellent taste helps in satisfying cravings for snacks and also goes well with tea or coffee.

Chewda is one of the most delicious snacks in Indian cuisine, and it is a commonly enjoyed delight in almost every Indian household worldwide. Comprising split gram peas and rice flakes, Chewda is also a healthy snack because of its nutritional content. It is essentially a teatime snack, but people enjoy it wholeheartedly during other times of the day.


If you are looking for a snack that makes you go wow right from the first handful, Boondi is where your search ends. We bring you this amazing snack in the form of crispy gram flour balls, fried in Indian style. A snack perfect for satisfying cravings of a foodie, Boondi is a savory snack by nature, and Indians worldwide love to relish it.


Besides the other snacks, Bombay Kitchen also brings you a wide variety of snack mixtures. There are so many that you will certainly be left spoilt for choice. We bring you options such as Bombay Mix, Chewda Mix, Bhel Mix, Extra Hot Mix, Madras Mix, and several more. These mixtures are obtained from a blend of several spices, nuts, and other tasty ingredients that make these as wholesome as they are!

The snacks mentioned above are just a few of the numerous other varieties available. You can easily get these snacks from a grocery store, delicatessen, Bombay Kitchen outlet, or convenience store near you. So head to any of these spots, choose your favorite Indian namkeens, and grab the ones you like.