Try these delicious dishes from Bombay Kitchen this Independence Day!

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What’s your plan for the Indian Independence Day this year? Do you wish to spend the day enjoying some authentic non-vegetarian and vegetarian Indian dishes? Then you are in the right place! Read this blog to know about some of the tastiest Indian dishes that Bombay Kitchen brings you, and enjoy the Independence Day celebrations.

Independence Day is nothing short of remarkable for Indians worldwide. The 15th of August is the day our nation achieved its Independence due to the hard work of numerous freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for it. The year 2022 marks the 75th Indian Independence Day.

This day gives us Indians a reason to celebrate our cultural heritage. But what do you think form the major part of our culture? Well, it is none other than food! The vast expanse of the flavors of Indian cuisine forms an integral part of every celebration. So there is nothing better than celebrating this day by indulging in the wide variety of flavorful Indian dishes. 

Independence Day means we celebrate freedom which means we should free ourselves from dietary restrictions and say bye to the same mundane daily menu for this day. 

So if you’re willing to do the same and try out some authentic Indian delicacies, scroll down to learn about some of the best Indian food Bombay Kitchen offers and try them out on Independence Day.

Let us start the Independence Day meal with a touch of southern flavors. Chicken 65 is the perfect appetizer that reminds you of the heavenly flavors of South India. The lip-smacking taste of the seasoned chicken and the zesty gravy make you go wow right from the first bite. Moreover, when you enjoy this mouthwatering appetizer with your family and loved ones, the experience is even better! 

It is excessively hard to resist yourself from a plate of delicious looking kababs. After all, the delectable delights melt in the mouth so quickly that it is hard not to crave more. Bombay Kitchen brings you the utterly delicious Chicken Chapli Kabab that gives you the most authentic flavor of tandoor and a mouthwatering taste to remember. The kabab is also 100% gluten-free, reassuring that it is safe for you to consume! 

Now that we are done with the appetizers, let us try out the flavors of Northern India with the very delicious Chicken Tikka Masala. If you’re fond of spicy and masaledar dishes, then Chicken Tikka Masala is the perfect delicacy for you to enjoy on Independence Day. The taste of the heavily seasoned chicken and the traditional spiced sauce it’s simmered in will tickle your tastebuds like anything. You have to pair it with your choice of naan or rice, and you’re good to go! 

The all-time favorite vegetarian delicacy of Indians, Palak Paneer comes with an addition of ginger and garlic-infused basmati rice in our product range. So you get to experience the traditional Indian flavors of both. It is one of those dishes you will enjoy savoring with your family, and it will be a memorable Independence Day with great food!

The Last Bit Of Char

These are just a few of the many dishes that we serve! If you’re curious then you should know that we serve delicacies like Goan Shrimp Curry, Fish Malabar, Lamb Vindaloo, and many more. We also have mouthwatering and authentic Indian snacks for you to enjoy your tea time and some tasty appetizers also which include varieties of samosas, kababs, etc. If you’re a fan of Biryani, then you’re surely in for a treat as well because we bring you a few different types of Biryani too! So you are free to try any of these dishes and enjoy the heavenly flavors.

The dishes listed above are some of the most delicious delights you can enjoy with your friends, family, and loved ones on the occasion of Independence Day! The good news is that all these dishes come as ready-to-eat foods, so you just have to heat them and enjoy the taste with every bite. You can get these authentic Indian cuisine dishes in the version of frozen foods from a grocery store, delicatessen, or Bombay Kitchen outlet near you.