5 Excellent Reasons to Enjoy Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

Even though it’s a fact that Indian cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines you will ever try, you need more and more reasons to eat it! The world has a misconception that Indian cuisine is ‘spicy’, but the truth is that Indian cuisine is rich in every kind of flavor there is. Due to […]

Five non-vegetarian dishes to add to your party menu this Holiday Season

It is the Holiday Season and the perfect time to meet and enjoy with family, loved ones, and friends from far and near. The parties are made more enjoyable when mouth-watering food is served. This blog brings you five mouthwatering dishes for the perfect Holiday season party menu. When the much-awaited Holiday season arrives, happiness […]

Satisfy your cravings with these lip-smacking midnight snacks!

midnight snacks

Do you consider yourself a night owl and prefer to work or stay up late at night? Then, we’re sure you also need some midnight snacks to give you company. This blog brings you some of the most authentic and crunchy Indian snacks that Bombay Kitchen brings you and that make your late-night snacking sessions […]

Ready-to-Eat Holiday Special Appetizers from Bombay Kitchen

Ready-to-Eat holiday special

Make this Holiday Season a big celebration with irresistible Indian dishes from Bombay Kitchen. For your convenience, we bring you a variety of ready-to-heat holiday special lamb and chicken appetizers. Please read why our ready-to-heat special appetizers are so popular in the USA. Chicken and lamb are the most popular meats in India, and hence, […]

4 Delicious Indian Kababs You Must Try

Indian kababs

Every meat lover craves unique recipes made with meat, and Indian cuisine offers many of them. Indian kababs are famous for their smoky flavors and rich texture. For many years, kababs have been relished and sought after worldwide. Let’s take a look at different types of Indian kababs you must try and find more about […]

Non-vegetarian dishes to warm up your winter

Winter is here, and it is time that we say goodbye to those sultry summer days, welcome the cold weather with our warm clothes, and enjoy it to the fullest with some delightful winter dishes. This blog brings you some mouthwatering non-vegetarian dishes that Bombay Kitchen offers. Read on to learn about these delicacies perfect […]

5 Tasty Winter Snacks to Have with your Tea and Coffee

It’s that time of the year when there’s a chill in the air, and all you want to do is curl up in your bed and sip on some coffee or tea with a bowl of crunchy snacks. How about choosing Indian namkeens as winter snacks this year? Read this article to learn about 5 […]

Lamb Dishes That You Simply Cannot Resist!

Lamb Dishes

Do you fall under the meat-lovers category? Well then, besides chicken, you can indeed have different varieties of red meat, and they taste heavenly. One of them is Lamb! In this blog, we bring you some irresistible Lamb Dishes that Bombay Kitchen offers, which you should try. Lamb is one of the most commonly consumed […]

Best Place For Authentic Chicken and Lamb Vindaloo Dishes

Chicken and Lamb vindaloo

Vindaloo or vindalho is a popular Goan curry dish popular in Indian culture! It is commonly prepared with chicken, meat, vegetables, and many authentic Indian spices. If you are having guests over, you can easily serve them this mouthwatering meal. Filled with meat and spices, we are sure you will love Bombay Kitchen’s Chicken Vindaloo […]

Roganjosh A Kashmiri Surprise!


Lamb Roganjosh is one of the most exotic Indian dishes. It is a Kashmiri dish made by slow-cooking bone-in lamb. Lamb Roganjosh is known for its thick yet soft meat, some unique spices, ginger, chili, yogurt, and saffron which gives it vibrant red color and signature flavor. Let’s explore some facts about Roganjosh lamb curry, […]