5 Reasons You Should Have More Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji: two pav with chilli and lemon in a plate with bhaji in bowl and coriander, onion and masala in small bowls.

Desi’s all around the world love Pav Bhaji! Want to know why? Keep reading this blog to find out!  Rarely will you find any one dish that is so iconic that it pleases the whole country with its mesmerizing flavors. Some good examples of such dishes in Indian cuisine include biryani, samosa, gulab jamun, and […]

Three different types of Biryani you must try

3 box of Ready To Eat Chicken Kabab Biryani, Shrimp Biryani and Lamb Biryani

Biryani, as we all would agree, is one of India’s iconic and most popular dishes. Indian cuisine has quite a range of different biryanis varying from region to region. But this blog brings you the different types of Biryani at Bombay Kitchen. On every occasion and for any celebration, Biryani is a heartwarming meal as […]

Frozen foods you should stock

Ready To Eat Meals - 5 Frozen Foods You Should Stock Up.

We are all very busy these days, running around from here and there, always in a hurry! Thus, we tend to yearn for those things that make our lives convenient. As time is precious, nothing seems better and more convenient than food that comes in the form of ready to eat meals. Yes, you read […]

Bombay Kitchen Presents the Best Seafood Dishes

Bombay Kitchen Presents the best Seafood Dishes

India offers a variety of veg and non-veg preparations. Seafood has significant importance in Indian culture, and some of the best seafood dishes in India are made with extraordinary flavors, ingredients, and textures that make Indian seafood dishes the best in the world. This article brings you a few best seafood dishes offered at Bombay […]

Celebrate World Coconut Day with mouthwatering dishes

World Coconut Day

Are you fond of curries that are delicious yet creamier in taste and texture? Well, then you must be aware that the creaminess of curries comes from Coconut or its extracts, such as coconut milk. So on World Coconut Day, try out some delicious dishes made with Coconut. Read this blog to know about them. […]

Try these delicious dishes from Bombay Kitchen this Independence Day!

Indian Independence Day

What’s your plan for the Indian Independence Day this year? Do you wish to spend the day enjoying some authentic non-vegetarian and vegetarian Indian dishes? Then you are in the right place! Read this blog to know about some of the tastiest Indian dishes that Bombay Kitchen brings you, and enjoy the Independence Day celebrations. […]