The Story of Chicken Haleem – Origin and Facts!

Chicken Haleem

The variety of dishes introduced to Indian cuisine by the Mughals is vast, and there are numerous delicacies that we all love. However, there is one dish that is very closely related to the Mughal culinary heritage, and that is the very delicious Chicken Haleem. In this blog, we will discuss the origin and lesser-known […]

Authentic Indian Delicacies – The Life Of Your Parties!

Authentic Indian Delicacies

When you go to a party or throw one at your place, the foremost thing that comes to your mind is nothing other than the spread of delicious dishes. Read this blog to know about some of the very delicious non-vegetarian dishes of Indian cuisine that Bombay Kitchen offers you. Indian cuisine upholds its uniqueness […]

Ready-to-eat dishes that make barbecue sessions hassle-free!

Ready-to-eat dishes

Making some plans to host a BBQ session for your friends and loved ones? Bombay Kitchen makes it all a cakewalk for you by offering ready-to-eat dishes that save you from the hassle of cooking! The flavors of tandoor are irresistible, to say the least, and often we crave dishes of this kind. In order […]

Biryani – The traditional delicacy that enthralls your taste buds!


The all-time favorite dish of Indians all across the world is undoubtedly none other than the delicious Biryani. In this blog we bring you the different types of Biryanis that Bombay Kitchen offers. Biryani is regarded as a single dish that is enough to satisfy your cravings and make you full in no time. However, […]

The History, Origin, and Unknown Facts About Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

Did you know Butter Chicken, one of the most flavorful Indian chicken curries, has humble origins? With this article, you can explore how it was developed in Delhi’s kitchens and achieved popularity worldwide. Each bite of this iconic dish delights your taste buds and uncovers its fascinating evolution over the years. Read this blog to […]

Convenience Meets Taste – Ready-to-Eat Non-Veg Appetizers

Ready-to-Eat Non-Veg Appetizers

On an occasion when you host a party or get-together of friends and loved ones, serving some delicious appetizers is a must to keep the party going. Read this blog to know about some of the ready-to-eat, non-veg Indian appetizers that Bombay Kitchen offers you. The love for Indian cuisine is unparalleled, and it is […]

Delicious Dishes for Daddy Dearest on Father’s Day

Delicious dishes

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat our dads to some of their favorite delicacies. In this blog, we bring you some flavorful and delicious dishes of Indian cuisine that Bombay Kitchen offers. These dishes will surely help you plan the perfect Father’s Day special menu. The beautiful occasion of Father’s Day indeed calls […]

Plan the Perfect Evening with Authentic Indian Street Food from Bombay Kitchen

Indian Street Food

As the sun sets and the day winds down, the only comfort you find is delicious food. And nothing beats the tantalizing flavors of authentic Indian street food! After a long and hectic day, there is something deeply satisfying about enjoying the most delicious dishes that the Indian culinary world has to offer. Let the […]

Indulge in the Aromatic Flavors – Top Indian Chicken Dishes

The delicious tastes and aromatic flavors of authentic Indian chicken dishes are hard to resist. The wide range of delicacies that Indian cuisine offers makes it hard to choose a few of them. So in this blog, we bring you some of the most traditional Indian chicken dishes that Bombay Kitchen offers you. India’s rich […]