Celebrate Friendship Day With Kababs!

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Why should you choose Bombay Kitchen catering services for your special occasion?

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Everything you need to know about Chicken 65

Everyone loves a plate full of crispy, fried pieces of chicken. Well, what could be better than a freshly served chicken 65? But how exactly did this dish get its name? Is it simply because it was first discovered in the year 1965? There is more to this story, and with this article, Bombay Kitchen […]

Ultimate guide to best road-trip snacks you must carry!

Whether you are doing a road trip this summer or planning to do one, you must be well prepared and carry the right snacks along with you to keep yourself and others energized during the trip. While keeping in mind other travel essentials you also need to pack some good travel snacks along with you. […]

Special Biryanis For Special Moments!

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Personalize your plate with Chicken delights from Bombay Kitchen!

The most cost-effective and less time-consuming way to easily enjoy your favorite dishes is none other than frozen food. Frozen food can be stored for a longer period and they keep the authenticity of the taste intact. This blog brings you five entrees that Bombay Kitchen offers you in the form of frozen food and […]

Why Should you choose the Bombay Kitchen Franchise?

If you wish to go ahead in life with entrepreneurship, it is always better to start by investing in a franchise. But if you’re confused about the best franchises to invest in, we suggest that a food franchise will be a fine choice. When you decide on starting your own business, it involves many risks, […]